4 5 0 21 21 Sodastream makes water exciting!Transform regular water into sparkling water in seconds, add your sparkling water flavoured syrup, and enjoy! Available in Cola flavour, and cranberry raspberry flavour.
Sodastream Sparkling Water Flavoured Syrup
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Bigger bottle needed
Sadly with a house of children and friends visiting, a bigger syrup bottle is needed, takes a whole shelf in my pantry to keep all the different flavours and quantities everyone wants...
I don’t like drinking water. Soda stream makes it much easier to consume. They have great flavors as well.
Love water
I don’t like drinking water. Soda stream makes it much easier to consume. They have great flavors as well. I literally have most of the flavors
Mixed review
I love the cost of this versus buying fizzy drinks, but still find the product quite pricey. The bottles always end up being sticky and messy due to the lid. There is often spillage, when adding the product you have to add it slowly otherwise the fizzy water bubbles over. Also why is it so difficult to find the sugar free cola flavour?
This is a great product,my kids love it ,it fast great and its easy and fast.
Kids love this, expensive when you have to buy but worth every cent in the long run.
Not a huge fan of soda stream as it gives me a headache every time.
I buy 4 bottles which lasts about 2 months. Much more cheaper than having to buy a fizzy drink daily
Super awesome tastes, almost like the real mccoy. My children loves it. They are not allowed to have soft drinks/soda very often. But now when I do allow them sometimes, they just grab a bottle from the cupboard and soda-stream it themselves. Very very tasty!
The soda stream syrups are very nice. We buy at lest 4 bottles a month but they do not last. The product is pricey but we love the product. I have not seen strawberry flavor around the Cape Town stores.
Love Love Love.....the Zero allows me to have a delicious alternative to high sugar carbonated drinks. The Raspberry is my favourite. I dont even use my soda stream machine, simply pour into soda or sparkling water and I have a drink on the go.
We tried the strawberry flavour and it was really tasty. You don't need to use a lot of flavouring so a bottle goes a long way.
Great flavour with less added sugar. The raspberry one is delicious.
We have tried all the flavours in the range and everyone loves them!
My kids love this, it is a little expensive but it brings back good memories.

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