4,6 5 0 5 5 <p> The unpleasant odours that can be found in bathrooms are actually caused by air-borne germs, so you need a scientifically proven product like SPAR GERMEX Bathroom Sanitiser to not only effectively mask and neutralise the odour, but to kill the germs too. The SPAR GERMEX Toilet Seat Spray, in a convenient hand bag size, gives you peace of mind in a unique way: Simply spray the toilet seat and wipe.</p>
SPAR Germex 4-in-1 Toilet Seat Spray
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This is a must have and I really can't do without this product. I love the smell. It smells fresh and makes everything clean and smell clean! I would definiately recommend this to anyone and especially those with kids and if you're're using public toilets!
Great to pack it in you're bag when going out with the kids .....bye bye germs
I will recommend this to anyone and everyone. I always have one for when we are out and about and there is always one at home. It really does work well and i would recommend it especially if you have kids and your out in public areas.
I really can't do without this product, because I hate any bad odours or the idea of germs in any bathroom or toilet. I love the smell. Smells fresh and makes everything feel and smell clean! Would recommend this to anyone!
I live by this toilet spray - long last air freshener. much better than spray canned tans
I have not tried the SPAR Germex 4-in-1 Toilet Seat Spray. Please send me a sample to try
Amazing find on home testers - going to go to the shop today and look for this!
Hi will love love to try This Please send me a sample
We in Cape Town sure do need this due to the water restrictions, toilets are not being flushed so germs will be spreading more easily now. Please could i test this product and share it
its the first time I see this product, would like to try it
I really need to find this instore, especially for the use of public toilets o when travelling toilets always seem to be an issue
This is the first time i see this. It would be perfect for a person like me who does not use public toilets because im afraid of UTI. I hope it is small enough to carry everywhere especially in my handbag
I would really like to try this, it's a must have esp with children. Please can I test and review?
Will have a look for this in the shops to try. I imagine it would be handy to use when not at home.
I would love trying out Spar Germex4-in-1Toilet Seat Spay.Thank you

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