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Spur Steak Ranches Steak Sauce
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I don't need take outs
The sauce makes you to eat less from take outs. As you can simply use it to do your meats or ribs for grilling. However you need to put it before the braaiying or grilling so that the flavor sinks in to the meat. Then a a light coat after your meet is tender
excellent braai vavavoom
excellent when one use it to marinate braai meat. just after making sure the meat is well braaid, marinate and leave it for few seconds to sink in
Spur Steak Sauce
Amazing ...I love it...Flavor is lovely and rich enough but not too much ...I use it on braai and grill. It also works nice as a vegetable sauce.
Spur Steak Sauce
Excellent. Love the taste of the sauce on any meat and even on chips.
This always makes my steaks taste sensational. I haven't been to a spur branch in ages because I can make their delicious steaks from the comfort of my home using this steak sauce!
Spur barbecue sauce
I love it on any dishes, I use it to thicken my stews, it’s tasty and leaves you wanting more
Braai lover
My mom buys this and we love it. The ribs is fab with this as a marinade. It actually lovely on hot chips.
Steak Sauce Spur
This sauce it is very delicious especially to marinate on red meat and chicken . The taste is out of this world.
Yummie and tasty . Adds real Steakhouse flavour to any meat. Even used it in stir fry.
Wow, Amazing is an understatement, this sauce over your steak make you feel like you having Spur Steak in the comfort of your home 👌😋
Saucy steak
I tried this once and I’m definitely planning on buying it again after we had a braai. We used it as a marinade for a braai we hosted in December 2019. The meat was so tender and had a nice saucey taste. It’s the go to sauce for a quick braai
Very tasty
Very tangy and tasty it's worth every cent.i would use is every day if I had the chance to do so.
I absolutely love cooking with this sauce, I made T-bone steaks the other night and used this sauce as the marinade, it was delicious !!
Great for braais and stews, the whole family loves it.
Great! I love using it even in my stews, makes them thicker. Overall great product for steak.

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