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Spur Sweet 'n Sticky Marinade
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Best for everything
best for everything this marinade is the best for everything you make
Try this and you'll never regret it, it's currently my best sauce ever
Spur sweet and sticky marinade
Who does not love spur. It's a south african thing and this marinade brings some of the good memories of spur right into your home with that familiar spur taste. Love it
I absolutely love the Spur sweet marinade. its sweet and sticky. Its yummy on chicken wings and my family enjoys it. I used it on braai and on a beef stew and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Trusted brand
Spur sweet and sticky marinade sauce has been a trusted brand over the years in my family this sauce has the best taste you will never go wrong
Love this stuff!! Can use it in many ways and its so tasty. My whole family enjoys the flavour. It is a little pricey but worth it!
Its tingles every taste bud, so very yummy- you have to try it!
Best braai'd meat
This combination of sweet and savory soaked into your meat down to the bone just flavorful and juicy, all at the same time fills a craving you never realised you had until that moment. Throw in some green, red and yellow sliced peppers with ringed onions, absolutely delish... try it and see for yourself
Perfect for Braai Day
This is perfect for Braai Day, and can be used on various meat types. Love it.
Okay so honestly whats a braai without this as a basting😛 its perfect on chicken or chops
Sweet n Sticky Spur Marinade
I have the marinade for the first time ... it is one the best marinade i have used ... i have used it on chicken pieces , steak and chops ... my family enjoyed the taste and flavour ...
Very tasty, I'm a fan. This is very tasty, my first experience on this marinade was on drumsticks and wings - the flavor was to die for. Whenever I do my grocery shopping, I make sure I dont live out.
Yum in my Tum
Bought this recently, it is absolutely great on a burger, the ribs, the chicken, the chop. What a versatile taste.
Sweet and sticky
This marinade coats the meat really well, goes extremely well with ribs and wings.
Spur at Home
I like the spur Sweet n sticky.I use it as a marinade in most of my meats and love it more when making my chicken sticky wings it really enhances the flavour and tastes good. I highly recommend the spur Sweat n sticky marinade.

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