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Spur Sweet 'n Sticky Marinade
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I really liked using this product for our braai meat. Omw it's absolutely amazing. I like the consistency of it. Also a little does go a long way. You don't have to add to much for it to effective. It taste so good. I would definitely recommend this product and brand!!! Yummy!!!
Mmmm.. Delicious!!
Love this product. Brings Spur home. I will continue using this in my food.
Always a winner
You cant gi wrong with any Spur sauce product. Delicious!!
Spur Sweet n Sticky Marinade
It is still summer.... so yes it is still time to braai !!!!! What better than a fat juicy steak !!!! The softness of the meat.... that is the secret... would most definitely reccomend this fab. product
Very nice and amazing sauce for those sticky chicken wings on a braai for a snack. Flavors are amazing, tasty and just impressive all together
Awesome in marinating
I loved this marinade, It's not too sweet but it tastes amazing on pork. I learnt about it from my colleague but now I cant stop buying it. My man eats meat more when I used it on my dishes.
I love it because I can use it on any meat in the house.
tasty-sticky- sweety marinade
I love this marinade sauce, i marinate my meat, leave it for 2-3 hours, it work for Braai, normal cooking or grilling. its amazing.
Tasty and yummy
I use it for marinating meat, lamb And chicken.it bring a beautiful taste.My family enjoys it.
love this sauce
the kids love it and it so easy to use you dont need any other spice or sauce just this on your ribs, sticky wings or chicken it super yummy. my daughter even sometimes dips her chips in a little bit of it.
spur marinade
kill me for loving saucy staff, kill me for loving an easy way out of the cooking situation. great taste, great texture, great flavor.
Spur sticky marinade
I love this on chicken wings and ribs . Great flavor
The world's best
I have recently purchased this product for a family function and I tell you my relatives loved it. The meat was tender soft and full of delicious favour. I have now added this to my monthly grocery list it is really a big must to have.
Sweet, Sticky, Sensation
The only marinate I use on spare ribs and chicken drum sticks. Glides on easy, great for grills - sweet tasting like restaurant quality meals.
Spur sweet and sour marinade
I use it for marinating red meat., lamb And chicken.

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