Sta-Soft Ultra Concentrate Lavender Dream Fabric Conditioner 500ml

4,8 5 0 68 68 Achieve the soft, luscious, fragrant fabrics of your dreams with the help of this intense, lavender scented fabric softener concentrate.
Sta-Soft Ultra Concentrate Lavender Dream Fabric Conditioner 500ml


The fragrance is really good and lasts longer , it really does give value fo money as well. I recommend this to anyone who has these as key attributes of a fabric softener
Leaves your clothes smelling clean and feeling super soft. Prevents damage to clothing by keeping them in great condition
Old time favourite
Stasoft has always an old time favourite from my mum's house and I also didn't look back,been a loyal customer of makes my clothes to remain fresh and easy to iron.i love it
The new stasoft ultra
The fragrance on this new stasoft is wonderful, my clothes are now always smelling good, the fragrance is strong, absolutely no improvement it's wonderful, yes I definitely recommend
Fresh all day
I love using this product, leaves my clothes smelling fabulously fresh for longer, keeps my clothes soft. Am would definitely recommend it to my family and friends.
Sta-soft Ultra
Overall, this is an amazing product. A step up from the original Sta-soft as the fragrance is much more potent and leaves a lasting smell. Comfort really has met their match haha. I would definitely 100% recommend although the price is a bit steep for the size of the bottle.
Used this and i am incredibly impressed with the fragrance. definetly would recommend
Best fabric softener ever. Smells nice and make the clothes soft and new.
Love this product
I have been using it for a while and I love the smell of it on my clothes and how its last longer.
It's okay
I really like it, it's same as the other one for me just little more smell that's it... But still prefer comfort. I tried this after my mom has bought and shared with me a bottle, guess it's not as long lasting or maybe it's just my machine that's not giving the results it should
Best fabric softener
This fabric softener has been part of my childhood ‘til now. It is the best, I love the quality of it - specifically it’s scent and texture. Additionally the new packaging is so convenient because it’s reusable. Sta-Soft is a reliable brand and is worth every rand it costs!
It's an amazing product because it always leaves my infants clothes and blankets super soft and smelling good at all times
Super soft
Sta-soft is always innovative This is one amazing product for clothes Keeps them soft with a fresh dreamy scent. I highly recommend this your clothes will love it too.
Thid stay soft leave your clothes soft with a good smell
I like this product
It small good and your cloths small good to I feel that way because this product is good small very good in the clothes and stay fresh people must use this product is good yes

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