Stayfree Body Fit Ultra All Night Pads

4,7 5 0 466 466 Up to 100% protection against leaks! Uniquely designed for body fit. Specifically designed to closely follow your body's movements while you sleep.
Stayfree Body Fit Ultra All Night Pads


Very absorbent
I prefer using this brand so I used the night pads after giving birth ..I can tell you that I never had a single leak ever ...they are perfect
Free at last
My friend introduced me to Libresse ,I wish my I had this in my youth,however is not too late is a brand I'm introducing to my daughter. I'm now comfortable and confident when I'm on my period during the day and at night I don't have to think about lickage due to my heavy fliw
I have tried the new always and I love it. It's sticks perfectly on underwear garments - especially at night. Giving peace of mine.
Leakage free
I don't have heavy flow but I use these pads at night because I know they are leakage free and no need to wake up during the night and check if I'm still safe. I sleep like baby even when it's that time of the month
Not enough stars
I sleep throughout the night not worrying about any leakage. I wake up confidentiality in the morning and with no stress. Fits perfectly and does the trick. Price wise it is very affordable. Love, love it
Always pads
I have an extreme heavy flow since I inserted an inplant, with this always pads no more worrying feeling uncomfortable about my heavy flow, I spend much of them daily, they are very comfortable and lasts long...
I used it, it make me comfortable, I don't feel that there is something I wear.
Although the length an width was perfect i remember it having a perforated platicky lining over the absorbing product. This causes irritation and in warmer climates wakes unup with the feeling of having to get up and take a bath. I avoid this product at all costs.
Don’t like the feel on my skin
They always leave me with a rash and don’t really give my cat some breathing space, they are too thick. Good for the night cause of the coverage but I don’t like them.
Good night sleep
I love these pads, they do assist with no leaking and are super comfortable. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a comfy sleep.
Comfortable and refreshing
I love the non drip keeps me safe all night long i dont have to change twice a night,i like how it sits on my body it's gives comfort
Sanitary pads
Good product that does what it's meant to. Like the longer length and fit. Absorbency and feels comfortable. Can cause chaffing. Bulk packs can make them more affordable. I would recommend the pads
No spills
Peaceful and full nights rest with stayfree. I had no leakage and no reaction as I'm very sensitive. Great product !
Stay free
Love this product does not leak if you have a heavy flow Plus value for money
No more worries at all.
Whoever designed this had me in mind. I used to suffer from spiladge and sensitivity a lot until I started using these. They bring peaceful nights not having to worry about messing anything up!

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