Stayfree Everyday Pantyliners Flexicomfort Freshly Scented

4,6 5 0 699 699 No matter what, a lady wants to feel comfortable and confident every day. Stayfree Everyday Pantyliners - Flexicomfort will help keep you feeling clean, fresh and confident all day. </p> <p>The Stayfree Comfort Promise means they have a soft cotton touch cover letting your delicate skin breathe, are absorbent and stay in place.</p> <p>The Flexicomfort design means they’re perfect for everyday use, because it’s so thin and flexible, you’ll forget it’s even there.</p>
Stayfree Everyday Pantyliners Flexicomfort Freshly Scented


Stayfree Everyday Pantyliners
Stayfree Everyday Pantyliners is definitely a good buy! The pantiliners fit perfectly as they are super flexible. It leaves me feeling fresh throughout the day with no irritation due to the cotton touch material.
stay free
i love how these are packaged and is very comfortable
Very comfortable and light only if they could add more of that sticky glue so it stays intact throughout the day. Love it though
Stayfree everyday pantyliners
Nice small packaging that fits discreetly in my bag. This pantyliner is so thin and holds its shape with a fresh scent. Great product for everyday use, you don't even feel it's there.
I use this product everyday , very handy to keep in ur hand bag
Keeps you fresh, confident and clean all the time. It is comfortable and you even forget you have one on.
I love this product the scent is so refreshing .I would recomend it to every woman. Try it u wont be disappointed
Good Product
I use Stayfree liners from time-to-time and wish they came in unscented form. I like their cotton feel, soft and absorbent feauture. nice shape.
I have tried Stayfree Everyday Pantyliners Flexicomfort Freshly Scented. Love the small packaging
Have lovely smell n good to use on a daily basis it's comfortable
I like the shape and how it sticks without losing its shape and comfort. i can put it in my bag or wallet when i want to leave my bag behind
Very good product to use frm teens to adults its very good i have used them for decades now
I just both a packet the other day, i tough oh this is a very nice and practical looking packet,how cute let me get it. And i liked it when i tried. Definitely buying again.
I like the small packaging. I think they're awesome for travelling and easy to store. They stick well enough, but I would like them to maybe come in different lengths and wideness.
Nice everyday panty liner. Love the packaging. Small and discreet.

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