4,7 5 0 171 171 Inspired by the Eastern Zen style of cooking, we have focused all our heat energy into a sweet, mild sauce which happens to go perfectly with noodles, stir-fry & everything oriental.</p> When it comes to burgers & ribs our Monkey Gland sauce is the clever choice. It's bouncy, robust flavour is bound to make you go bananas but that's okay because we know how good it is.
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Great product.
Every month on my shopping list. Never lasts long. These and also the Barbeque one.
The best
I tried sweet chilli for my mince and spaghetti mix. and it did the magic. love it
I used these sauces to marinate my chicken... Mmmm i must say i loved the taste
sweet chilly
i am used to buy the garlic one recently i tried the sweet chili i must say i was impressed.
Really nice to use when making burgers and when making stir fry, its delicious
Always a winner
No matter which sauce, they are all a winner. Excellent quality, and great taste. Variety of flavors makes it a good addition to any table.
Sweet chill
I love this product so much I use it on all my dishes
Steers monkey gland sauce
I love the taste of steers monkey gland sauce. I usually use for school lunches if I've made grilled chicken or beef. I also use for hot pototoe chips and for marinate.
Best sauce
Peri Peri sauce & sweet chilli sauce the best sauce ever
Steers sweet chili
I love it altho l don't use it everyday. Works well as a marinate too, have tried it on different dishes. Kids love it.l do recommend it.
I love that one can buy steer sauce in stores, however I don’t eat it everyday, thus it always ends up expiring and I waste my money. I wish they came in small containers, which would be more value for money
Steers sauces
Its fab, that im able to have that steers taste whenever i want to. Even when i cant afford going to steers. .I am able to enjoy it in the comfort of my home on anything i wish to have it with. Great taste
Yum yum
This is so yummy, ribs, steaks.... everyone loves this one
A Saucy meal
Steers sauces are the best. Every month they are on my grocery list as I eat the sweet chilly daily and use it to cook as well and as for the monkey gland it goes well on the home made burgers
Steers Sweet Chilli
No improvements. I use Steers Sweet Chilli Sauce on everything and all the time. I am crazy about sweet chilli sauce and this is by far the best one! Yes I recommend this 100%

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