4,7 5 0 171 171 Inspired by the Eastern Zen style of cooking, we have focused all our heat energy into a sweet, mild sauce which happens to go perfectly with noodles, stir-fry & everything oriental.</p> When it comes to burgers & ribs our Monkey Gland sauce is the clever choice. It's bouncy, robust flavour is bound to make you go bananas but that's okay because we know how good it is.
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Monkey and sweet chili sauce
Great product to have. The taste is good. I use it a a dipping sauce most of the time
Best sause
Love Steers sauces! Especially the monkey gland sause over steak on a barbeque. Love the 1000 Island sause in salads. Great flavour, just wish for bigger bottels. Would recommend this any one.
Love this!!!!
This sauce have a permanent place in my fridge, my son loves this on hot chips. I love that is it not very spicy and the monkey gland is great on wings and with steaks. Thanks for this great product
Steers knows just how to make the food taste better. The monkey gland sauce compliments the meat and makes it saucy. It also brings out the aroma. I would definitely recommend this sauce to everyone, especially meat lovers.
Steers sauces
Steers sauces are an absolute winner in my home. Great consistency and taste. Really love that there's so much variety. These sauces are perfect for use in marinades and cooking.
steer sauce
steer sauce is a must in my kitchen.from marinades to chutneys to eating it as a Dipper peri - peri and mustard is the 3 flavors i use the most.i also the the garlic sauce for my sea food dishes.as a teacher of a cooking school i highly recomend this excellent product
Its so nice to have this at home, best tasting sauces which doesnt cost alot
Who doesn't have this in their house, go and buy really an awesome product
Master chef
People think I am a good cook,but my secret is Steers Sauces I use in everything it boosts any meal and makes it amazing, never ever run short of my Steers Sauces in my house.
Wonder Range of Sauces
Steers has a wonderful range of sauces. Great flavour and versatility. Not just used as a condiment, but also marinade for meats and adding a little extra flavour in some dishes.
The best in town
I always make sure I have one of these bottles in my fridge. I use the monkey gland sauce as a marinade or just plainly put it over my burger or hot dogs and it is so tasty! The sauces are filled with flavor and turns any plain meal into a feast :)
Each family member have their personal favourite - Mustard, Peri Peri, Burger Relish....
Chicken Tikka for the win
I live for the Steers Chicken Tikka sauce. It tastes great. Can be quite expensive so always purchase when it's on special
Steers range of Sauces
I love the variety of sauces and they all taste so good. Full of flavour. Everyone in my family loves it. The mustard is a bit thick and cant be transferred/used from a squeeze bottle however tastes great
Steers sauce
Best sauces to use not only for meat but also for wraps it very delicious

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