4,7 5 0 145 145 Inspired by the Eastern Zen style of cooking, we have focused all our heat energy into a sweet, mild sauce which happens to go perfectly with noodles, stir-fry & everything oriental.</p> When it comes to burgers & ribs our Monkey Gland sauce is the clever choice. It's bouncy, robust flavour is bound to make you go bananas but that's okay because we know how good it is.
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Great Variety
We always purchase the Steers range of sauces. It is not only great to use as a dressing over your food but also great to use in your foods, to give it a better taste. These are also great to use for marinading chicken and meat.
A new fav sauce in our fridge
We're trying each flav, so far we've had prego and monkey gland and we love them. Great taste and consistency, these don't last long in our fridge.
Wacky Everyday
Steers Monkey Gland Sauce is a must have in my fridge.
Great Taste
the sauce has an excellent taste and adds flavour to a meal. the texture and taste has always been constant
Great range!! A must buy
Steers undoubtedly had a fantastic range of sauces. The flavors are varied, and full of body. I especially like that the sauces are not watery in texture like some other sauces on the market.
Steers sauces
Love the peri peri sauce...not oily Price fair. Great on most foods
Steers Garlic Sauce
I love the garlic sauce. Goes well with chicken and I use it as a cook in sauce with pasta as well.
Steers sauces
My fridge is filled with steers sauces. My go to for braai or the stove chops and ribs.
Best tasty sauce
Great sauces, appetizing as well. I use them as dips, cookin sauce, marinates and my family loves them
Improved Roast
I love to marinate my meat with the sweet chilli flavour, amazing taste and balanced taste.
i love the taste of all the steers sauces. they make my meals even more yummier
Steers sauces the best
Tried both sauces, they are divine. They make one enjoy ones meal even more. Me and kids love them sauce
Steers sauce still yummy
While I'm not a fan of steers food, I definitely think the monkey gland sauce is absolutely delicious. Well priced and great for burgers, braai meats and of course slap chips. Really yummy thanks for these great products!
Sooooo Tasteful
I love Steers sauce, it has great taste and consistency. I always put it out when I have guests for dipping sauces and with home cooked meals. I would definitely recommend this.
Steers Sause
Steers Monkey Glant as well as Sweet Chilli is the best. Excellent Taste and Good worth of Money

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