4,7 5 0 167 167 Inspired by the Eastern Zen style of cooking, we have focused all our heat energy into a sweet, mild sauce which happens to go perfectly with noodles, stir-fry & everything oriental.</p> When it comes to burgers & ribs our Monkey Gland sauce is the clever choice. It's bouncy, robust flavour is bound to make you go bananas but that's okay because we know how good it is.
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Excellent tasty range
The whole family loves the Steers range of sauces with each one their own favourite. We always have these sauces at home for everyday use and while we entertain as well. Thick and flavourful consistency always.
Steer Sauce
At this moment I have several Steer brand Sauces in my fridge, I will have to say that Steer Sauces is a good quality sauce good for toasties to burgers to stir-fry. Good Quality Sauce. I Love It.
Great Sauce
Oh how We love this monkeygland sauce. Best with homemade burger or a steak.
Good alternative
I am not a fan of the Monkey Gland sauce, it is a bit tart. Most of the other flavors are nice, but the Garlic and the Prego sauces are my favorite.
Quality sauce
Love this steers range, all the sauces are to die for.
Tried and tested, best sweet chilli sauce ever tasted. You can eat the sauce with almost anything and everything. I even cook with the sauce. I would definitely recommend the sauce to all who have a fancy to taste something amazing.
Tastiest Sauce
My favorite brand of sauce. It goes with all my grills. Its super yummy
steers sauce is yummy
I've been buying this product for years and i always enjoy it with everything. i love it
Great taste
Makes life easy. Good for braais. Yummy taste. My kids love it
Steers sauce
I just love the steers sauce it gives ur favourate dish the altemate taste its a must on my shoping list
Best steers sauce
The monkey gland and sweet chilli sauce is rich and delicious great for any ready to eat meal. Especially when we baaing
Best for steak braau
We Braai ALLOT sunshine or snow and this works as a go to sauce for red meat fans
monkey gland sauce is amazing
The monkey gland sauce is rich and delicious great for any ready to eat meal. Especially hotdogs, burgers etc way better that ketchup.
The go to sauce
My family just loves the whole Steers range of sauces. I buy a variety of flavours monthly and we are never without. They go great with anything and are definitely the best sauces around.
steers awesome sauces
I love ALL steers sauce , it's the best in the market! Their sauces goes with almost all dishes! The flavour is just right, I am completely happy with their sauces. All of it. To top it all, steers sauce is very cost friendly! Not expensive at all . Keep up the good work steers!

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