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Sunlight Turbo
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Perfect decrease.
I love sunlight liquid. Decreases and cleans perfectly, I enjoy the little required to do dishes.
My fav
Still prefer the green sunlight dishwashing liquid above any other dishwashing liquids. It is one of the best.
best dish washer
The first time I tried this sunlight was the last time I gave other washers a chance.. best dish washer ever and it last longer
My favourite dish washer. Just a drop of it goes a long way
Best cleaner
This Sunlight product is one of the best cleaners I have used. Sunlight products have not yet disappointed me, and the streak still continues. Not only does it have an appealing smell to it, but it also does what it should do- clean tough stains. I am really impressed by this product.
This product removes stain and grease like magic and smells good
Sunlight Dishwasher
This is the only dish washing liquid I use, I have tried 2 other brands which did not give the same results as Sunlight does. So am sticking to this brand
Brilliant product. Removes the toughest grease and stains
i have used this product. It is now on my monthly shopping list.
I have tried this product. Its the best on the market. Removes fatty stuff from the dishes so easily.
Sunlight Turbo
Absolutely love this dishwashing liquid, it is the best for greasy and non greasy dishes, makes washing dishes so easy. My dishes always look sparkling clean.
Grandma wasn't wrong
My gran has been using Sunlight dish soap almost since it's inception. I have tried many cheaper alternatives but nothing cuts through grease like it. It is also a lot gentler on skin than competitors.
Most trusted and powerful dishwashing liquid in the market
I am currently using sunlight dishwashing liquid in my kitche. I grew up using this product. it's gentle on skin and also on surfaces. It's hard to not love this product as it's most popular around the community and at supermarkets. there's not a time where you'd have to look fard for it on shelves. it's always available and works like a charm
Sunlight Forever
Who doesn't love Sunlight dishwashing liquid? I grew up with it as a youngster and I doubt I'll ever find any product better suited. I've tried other products when they were on special and was always very disappointed when comparing it to the power of Sunlight. The cleaning ladies at my (large) workplace once tried to cut costs in the kitchen with cheaper products and everyone started complaining until they went back to using Sunlight. I've tried other products overseas and nothing works like Sunlight. All I can say is I will probably be using Sunlight dishwashing liquid forever, it really is the best there is.
Sunlight dishwashing liquid
I use this product often and it works very well. I use it even with cold water and it works wonders. I would recommend this for everyone.

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