4,7 5 0 80 80 SuperSun is a firm favourite particularly in the north eastern region of South Africa. For over 50 years this high-grade course meal has been produced from the milling of de-germinated maize.<br> <br>Supersun gets its name from the African Sun which grants us all the energy we need for growth and nourishment. Supersun is a tasty, healthy and nutritious carbohydrate, which is filling and satisfying.
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Instant porridge
My daughter loves this super easy to prepare porridge. It's so easy she can make it all on her own, and still enjoy a healthy, hearty breakfast.
Stick to this product like glue
I was super excited when I received my package, and wow... when I opened the box my whole office smelt like strawberry, it is easy to mix with hot or cold water or milk, not lumpy and tastes absolutely divine, thank you for introducing me to this product, I will stick to it. Only tiny problem I have with it, it is really difficult to open.
Super Sun
It's very easy to make, flavors are nice and the test is good
Instant porriage
It easy to make and no lumps. The vanilla flavor is my favorite. All the flavors are very tasty
Super Sun Instant Porridge
We just love the taste and easy to make thank u I think busy moms will love this Instant help
kids loved the product
So got this product and tried it out. the Vanilla brand was quiet tasty as it had flavour, and the kids loved its with water and with milk. will continue to buy product as it is a fast and easy breakfast to make.
Slightly clumpy
The water absorbs very quickly and the porridge goes a little lumpy, but taste wise this is delicious!! Not too sweet and once you getbthe hang of how to mix it andnget it smooth, its a very satisfying brekfast!! I would love to try the other flavours (i tried original).
super sun instant breakfast porridge
My granddaughter loves the strawberry flavour. It is so quick and easy to make. I will definitely buy this product in future
Super Sun Instant Porridge
Love this product. It is so easy and quick to make and convenient to take to work. My 3 year old loves it and she is normally a fussy eater. Getting it in smaller packets (single servings) will be brilliant to pack in a lunch box.
Quick and simple
Super Sun Instant breakfast Wonderful product its smooth and creamy,easy to make tasty my family love it
Tasty and so easy to make. I received my Vanilla flavoured smaple to test. My son says its really nice and sweet, he eats it anytime of the day.
Worth it
I received a sample, although I don't really eat in the mornings, this is by far one of the best products ever. It saves time and are delicious. I couldnt finish my very first bowl as I underestimated the quantity. It really filled me up and the smell and taste is devine. I will really recommend this to anyone, especially when time, is the one thing you do not have!
Time Saving Product
My late mum in law bought a packet and I discovered it after she passed. Used it to make my pap fritters which were delicious. Saved me so much time.
Love it
Great flavour and no extras needed .. Boiling water, dash of milk and off you go!! Filling and healthy :)
Super Sun Instant Breakfast Porridge
I tried the Banana flavorr. The consistency is good, not too think if you follow the instructions. It is creamy and smooth. Mix quick and easy. Excellent when you are on the run.

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