TENA Lady Slim Mini Plus Pads

3,9 5 0 57 57 TENA Lady gives you TRIPLE PROTECTION from leaks, odour and moisture. This pad with microPROTEX technology offers security where you need it and discretion where you want it. Specially designed for light bladder weakness. <p> Click the <a href="https://www.clubshop.co.za/tena-lady-slim-mini-plus-pads.html">BUY NOW</a> button to purchase this item.
TENA Lady Slim Mini Plus Pads


I have tried these pads and for me they are great, as i do not like a think pad it makes me uncomfortable but this product is so great. I had no leaks at night and it feels comfortable
It really does wonders it protects you from that little accidents one might have when laughing or coughing to much.so you can be so sure that you don't have to worry about it at all
Tried this product for the first time , comfortable fit
Tena Lady Slim
Definitely works better as a panty liner. Very comfortable but find that you change twice as much compared to the normal size. More for young teen girls in my opinion but definitely a fantastic brand.
Nice fit
I tried this product a few months ago and now only buy Tena products, it has a natural fit and feeling.
TENA Lady Slim Mini Plus Pads
I buy this product monthly for my elderly mother in law who has a slight incontinence problem. She likes them
I have been using Tena for 15 years, the different types for different times. I tried other brands, however it did not deliver the same product satisfaction that i got from Tena. The adhesiveness is excellent, it does not move around, you do not feel it on yourself. My daughter has now even switched to Tena for her menstural period and refers to it as her mommies nappies. I have advised so many women to try this, i just think it should be advertised more to make more ladies aware of what they can use. However, i dont find it at Pick n Pay. It should be made available at more stores than just Checkers, Clicks and pharmacies.
My daughter likes the shape and thickness of this brand.
It really doesn't work for adults! It's too small n doesn't absorb well at all. Not something I would buy again!
I would love to use them as many ladies recommend them tht thy are so comfortable
I would love to try this product. Please send me samples.
I haven't tried this product but from all the reviews I will definitely try it soon. I used always pantyliner's and purchase them from the grocery stores but I have never seen this.
Ek het nog nooit Tena produk gebruik nie. Maar my ma het dit al gebruik voorheen. As die Tena produk in 'n extra lank size kan wees sal ek dit koop.
My daughter is not there yet but will have to stock up on pads will definitely try TENA Lady Slim Mini Plus Pads. Thanks for this!
I have not tried this product, or seen this product on shelf, will look out for it

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