Tennis Classic Coconut Biscuits Caramel Flavoured

4,8 5 0 1415 1415 This mix of flour, eggs, milk, coconut, syrup, a hint of caramel flavour and a touch of BAKERS® magic gives us BAKERS® Tennis® Caramel Flavoured Biscuits.
Tennis Classic Coconut Biscuits Caramel Flavoured


These are the best
I love having these biscuits they are just perfect for tea.
The Tennis Classic Coconut Biscuits  caramel flavor was also my favorite because I like caramel and they weren't overly sweet. The caramel and coconut flavor combo was indeed delicious. This flavor was a hit with everyone in the house.
Perfect for my not so sweet tooth
The biscuits is not too sweet,I love the caramel flavour on them..they’re my favourite at the moment
Bakers biscuits
It's one of my favorite I use it for all my deserts,it gives it the most amazing taste if you need to make a dessert this biscuit will give you the best taste ever very good biscuit.
Great taste
The caramel flavour is very nice , I excepted it to be too sweet because it is caramel but that wasn't the case . Everyone in the house love it.It is on out monthly grocery list .
Tennis biscuits with a twist
The caramel flavour was such a great idea, I love it. It doesn’t have an after taste in your mouth which is great.
Tennis Classic Coconut are not that sweet it can accommodate very one at home from young to old people n also good to serve for visitors
Great to always have at home
this work wonders with just a cup of tea or spicing up your favorite dessert
Very good
This a very good biscuits I love it. It has a great taste to it and is a value for your money. No big improvements can be make. I would recommend this to all my family and friend.
Excellent biscuits
Wow I must say never had a better biscuit and tea combination thanks to my favorite that never disappoints.
Great flavour
The usual, unmistakable Tennis biscuit crunch, but the flavour is a heaven moment. A definite staple in biscuit tin.
Very delicious biscuits ever , at 1st I thought the camel was going to mess the taste , but it's not too much and the mix of caramel made it more yummy, got to enjoy it with tea or desert milk tart
Tennis biscuit
This product is absolutely good and what I like about it s the good taste that arcoding to me it's a quality taste which a tongue can't resist therefore improvement at this point are unnecessary.
Always on my Grocery shopping list
Baker's tennis Biscuits Caramel, have a delicious taste. Love it with tea or when making my desserts, You never go wrong with this one. Love it on my taste buds, mhhh
The Baker's in
I won't seek out this biscuit but once I taste it I keep going back Great for a tart base.

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