Tennis Classic Coconut Biscuits Mint Choc Flavoured

4,6 5 0 1239 1239 Such a crowd pleaser! They mix flour, eggs, milk, coconut, syrup and a touch of BAKERS magic and ... 'voila!'. The magic happens. Enjoy in Choc Mint, and convenient on-the-go Mini singles and multipacks.
Tennis Classic Coconut Biscuits Mint Choc Flavoured


Mind blowing
Who ever came with this concept is a genius, i mean all the yumminess in one, I couldn't stop myself, the next thing i know I've finished a whole pack lol, the chocolate, compliments the coconut, plus mint andloving this hands down
These are amazing They taste just like the Romany creams (mint choc) flavour.
For the love of Mint
If you love mint, I have no doubt you would absolutely love the taste of these. I tried them with a drinking yoghurt. Believe me, best taste
The best of everything
I love mint, I love chocolate, I love coconut. These Tennis biscuits are the best of all worlds!
Tennis coconut review
Party in my mouth Easily finished as I can't get enough Not so sweet, perfect
I enjoyed them makes peppermint tarts more tasty
Awesum flavour
I am so glad made a choc mint flavour edition to the Tennis biscuit. I love this biscuit, tastes delicious. Cant get enough of it.
This best of both especially in winter, with the chocolate and biscuit cravings knocked right out of the park.
I love using it fort the minty tart, and also the cruchiness
It is so nice
It is so nice, i love it so much and i will recommend it to anyone
Peppermint crisp
Absolutely lovely to use when making my all time favorite peppermint crisp tart desert, it definitely adds that extra bit of flavor.
Tennis mint chocolate biscuits
Have a undoubtably sweet tooth . Then this is for you . Mouthwatering chocolate taste and the bits of mint balances it off. I tried it trust me you should too.
Peppermint tart
To us peppermint lovers lovers, No more hustle to making our delicious peppermint tart
Perfect for SA's Favourite Peppermint Tart
Thank you Bakers for giving Chocmint lovers such a great gift. This is a delicious biscuit on its own, great for a minty burst at any time of day. Although the best use is as a base for a Peppermint Tart. Total winner!
This is a delicious product and it makes peppermint crisp tart extra LEKKER!

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