Thrive Multigrain Cereal

4,1 5 0 1432 1432 <p>Thrive is a new high-protein multigrain breakfast cereal that is quick, convenient and delicious, turning breakfast into a breeze and promoting happy, strong, active bodies throughout the day.</p>
Thrive Multigrain Cereal


I love making it as a milkshake and it so yummy and tasty too
I bought it at Shoprite and I enjoyed it. It not too much sweet. Now I checked it nothing at the shelves ☹️. Please bring it back 🙏
many flavours
its not very wow, but it can compare greatly to other products and its alot cheaper than alot of other porridges out there
Thrive Porridge
My son loves the vanilla and chocolate flavors.Great cereal for children with fussy eating habits and taste better with milk
Good for breakfast so healthy and nutritious kids love them and they eat it daily keeps one fit and in good health great product to buy highly recommended to all , please do by it
Thrive Multigrain Cereal
This might have an unusual texture to someone use to maize-based cereals, but I really enjoyed it.
this product is similar to future life but does not taste so good
This did no go well with me, only had it once and am not looking forward to another meal of it.
My son's favorite cereal
This is by far my 4 year son's favorite cereal. He's a very fussy eater but mornings have become hassle free since I bought this cereal!
Thrive Multigrain cereal
I have this in the morning. Keeps me going for the day and I feel good too. taste nice
Thrive Multigrain Cereal
My kids are very active in sport and this is what they eat and enjoy it makes them feel good and not get hungry every half an hour its also healthy and keep them strong.
Thrive Multigrain Cereal
My daughters love the vanilla, I have not tried other flavors.
this was not the best tasting cereal, I was not happy with how it tasted and am definitely not buying again.
Vile if you hate honey
I tried this cereal on recommendation as a cheaper alternative to my favourite FutureLife. I bought the original (vanilla?) to be safe, and it was... absolutely vile. It took me two days and one more bowl that I choked down to realise that the 'original' flavour is honey. And a lot of it. What a waste of money.
Unusual Texture
This might have an unusual texture to someone use to maize-based cereals, and I found it a bit too thick to only have with water. Smells delicious, but doesn't have quite as much flavour. I will try it again, in another flavour, maybe it will grow on me.

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