4,3 5 0 64 64 No.1 Natural Acne Brand in Australia** The Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Acne Skincare range consists of 5 products which make up an easy to use daily 3 step-routine and 2 targeted application spots treatment, which is specifically formulated to help target, clear and prevent spots - naturally. Available to purchase at Wellness Warehouse.</p>
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Love the face wash
Absolutely love the facewash and use it daily as it doesn't dry my skin excessively but leaves it feeling clean (and clear). Not so much a fan of the face cream
Tea tree oil
I have used thursday plantation tea tree oil for a toe nail fungus that i had and it works absolutely great. cleared up my big toe toe nail after using one bottle only. i have not used any of the products in the range as yet but definitely recommend
I've tried this product, IT WORKS LIKE A BOMB, I would recommend this to everyone i know
An essential for any home!
I’ve been using the Ointment for the last 13 years after being introduced to it during my acne days in high school. I carry it whenever I travel as it helps clear sudden breakouts as well as ease the itchiness from mosquito bites. A bit expensive but it certainly lasts a VERY long time as very little is needed on the affected area
Plantation tea tree products
My teenage son has been using the products for just on a month now. His pimples have cleared but unfortunatly he still has a lot of blackheads. I had hoped that the cleanser and toner would address that. The gel stick is great for drying up "ripe" pimples so they dont need to be popped. I am overall very happy with the product, Thanks for the opportunity to reveiw it.
An Age Old Favourite
we have been using Thursday Plantation Tea Tree oil since childhood and my mum used to use it on everything, when my teenage neighbour was suffering with severe acne, I recommended Thursday Plantation acne range to her and it worked wonders, Her acne is clearing wonderfully.
My son is using it, he's on second week now and I can see the difference. His blemishes are disappearing and his skin is smoother.
Plantation Products Range
After almost 2 weeks of using the product my daughter and I have noticed that the product has started working. I am sure with continuous use of this product her acne will most definitely improve
Amazing always trusted
Best teatree oil so many uses great for and skin problems even cuts or insect bites etc
Tea Tree products by Thursday Plantation
Love Love Love this range, made from Tea tree oil which is a great for most skin problems, i said seeing an improvement within a few weeks of using the face wash, great natural product
Best teenage acne solver
Tea tree range helped my daughter with severe teenage acne in commendable time and boosts her confidence
Goodbye acne
I've been using this range for a month and I've seen a huge improvement. My acne scars are completely gone and my skin is clear. I love the face cream and blemish gel, it literally dries our pimples. I would definitely recommend this acne range
Clear skin
My daughter used this product and found that it helped to clear up most of her acne problems
Acne's worst enemy
These products were my saviour in my teenage years battling acne. Rather strong tea tree smell, and potent contents helped soothe my irritated skin andand redness. I still purchase the lotion today as I find it both prevents and soothes mosquito bites, and helps with my hormonal breakouts. The essential oil is also a must, especially in flu season, with tea tree anti bacterial properties keeping away the viruses when added to diffusers and humidifiers
Amazing Brand!
I used the spot treatment before and it worked very nicely! It got rid of the blemishes in a day or two as well as didn't burn my skin like previous topicals of tried. I have dry/sensitive skin and this product is great because it's natural. I've known the brand for a while and I trust their products.

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