TRESemmé Extra Hold Styling Hair Spray

4,8 5 0 394 394 TRESemmé Extra Hold Styling Hair Spray achieves maximum hold with extra flyaway control. This hair style product leaves no stiffness—just water-free, humidity-resistant flexible hold. All your hairstyles will be frizz-free and with all the grip and control you need all day.<br> <br>Fragrance description: A refreshing top note of juicy pear, crisp apple and succulent peach gives way to a beautiful floral bouquet of rose, jasmine and muguet. Back notes of precious cedar wood and sandalwood wrapped in musk creates a soft textured background
TRESemmé Extra Hold Styling Hair Spray


Not bad
This product is okay not the best. Holds curls but not for too long
Pretty cool
This prodect holds curls pretty nicely. The only problem is that it leaves a while cost over the hair which ain't cute.
Really nice hair stickiness...perfect on the hair.
Enjoy good hair days
This product really sets your hair style very well and doesn't leave the hair feeling sticky like many hairsprays do. Quite impressed. Will enjoy many good hair days with this.
I absolutely love it! It has a great and strong hold, long lasting, keeps hairstyles perfectly in place and it has an amazing scent. I use it daily and the results are just perfect
Girls Best Friend
TRESemmé Extra Hold Styling Hair Spray is the product to use, especially for someone that has ZERO time in the mornings to get done for work. Always having to look elegant and professional is really hard work but with TRESemmé Extra Hold Styling Hair Spray it helps so much that hairstyling in the mornings takes zero amount of time. This product is simple and straight forward to use and also lasts very long! Kudus Tresemme' team!
Small & Stylish
Love the size of the bottle - perfect for my bag & great product.
TRESemmé Extra Hold Styling Hair Spray
TRESemmé Extra Hold Styling Hair Spray leaves no stiffness with a strong hold which is essential for lasting control and smells quite nice.
life saver
This is a life saver, it makes my life so easy for those "off" days where I just don't feel like drying hair. just tie it up spray some of this and off I go. Those cans lasts long as well. definitely a good buy for those women who don't have much time to spend on their hair! or even better for the ones who styles their hair!
Started to use it recently. It holds my curls tightly, but the only thing that's worrying is the white dandruff looking thing it leaves on hair but it's washable.
It's my favourite hair brand and it keeps my hair neat and tidy
Hair spray
I absolutely love it doesn't leave the hair dry gives it a shine while holding those curls
This is honestly the only product that holds hair 24 hours without worries , I absolutely love it 😍
I was a bit disappointed in the product. I didn't find it worked as an extra strong hold spray. I don't have exceptionally thick hair, nor a lot of hair; I'd comb my hair back and it held it for an hour or two and then it would just flip down.
I love it!
I love love love this product. It works well on my natural hair and wigs too. I spray it and it holds my curls perfectly. It doesn’t cause build up and doesn’t leave residue. I highly recommend this product.

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