TRESemmé Volume & Body

4,9 5 0 57 57 Based on the Shampoo for Women survey conducted in March 2019 where 2487 Home Tester Club members responded, TRESemmé was ranked their number one brand in South Africa for <strong>Damaged Hair</strong>, and <strong>Leaves Hair Soft</strong>, and <strong>Leaves Hair Shiny</strong>.<br> <br>This professional quality, lightweight shampoo & conditioner, builds volume, fullness and manageability, giving your style that extra lift. Rinses out without build up, leaving your hair volumised and strong, with a beautiful radiant shine.
TRESemmé Volume & Body


My go to
It does wonders for my natural hair. Absolutely love it
I love a good hair volume . This is the product for me it gives my hair the bounce it deserve. This products leaves my hair shiny, nourished and soft. Its a good choice i love it ..i recommend Tresemme ♡
Great bouncy hair
Really helps give my hair life. Makes it soft and bouncy and helps keep my hair smelling clean.
Softness in a bottle
This is the only shampoo and conditioner that I do not struggle with tangled hair. Brushing hair is so much better.
Elegance in a bottle
I used to have fragile hair.. It was flat,dull and broken... Since I switched to tresemmé I love my hair... It smells great, has body and volume and helps my hair not to tangle.. This is truelly elegance in a bottle...
Soft and shinny
Good product have been using it for a while now and so far good work on to this brand and also it has helped me alot with my hair, my hair was damaged bad and so it helped with that also made it very soft and shinny and worth the price and wil recommended this product to people
Love this product
This shampoo smells great! It leaves my dry colour treated curly hair soft and manageable. A little also goes a long way which makes it quite cost-effective. It gives volume to my dry hair. A definite winner!
I like how this shampo makes my hair "wig" smoth and shinning.. my hair stays fresh and silk for days
Great product
This is one of the only shampoos and conditioners that really help to condition my hair. My hair is down to below my bottom and incredibly thick so the size of the bottle (900ml) is perfect for me. Also I have managed to go from washing my hair every 2and day to being able to wash it only once a week, my hair stays cleaner for so much longer and seems to be producing less oil in general. Other shampoos may make my hair soft and smooth but Tresemè gives me that added bonus of creating more volume and bounce
If it's volume you want then it's volume you get, i love washing my hair with this product, even though it adds volume to your hair, it still feels light weight soft and smooth.
Excellent result
Adds volume to hair keeps it light and gives off a shine works perfectly everytime
I love the fact that since Im using it my detangles are gone, best product I have ever choose for my hair I recommend it
A little goes a long, it is gentle on the hair while working magic. Leaves hair glossy and thick. Hair takes long to tangle.
Happy client
This product if perfect on hair and will never ho wrong👌👌
I started using Tressemme volume and body products a while ago on my weaves, and I can say without a doubt that there is no turning back. It leaves my weaves volumized and so silky

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