4,7 5 0 13 13 Naturally washes away germs and leaves your skin feeling healthy and cool.
Vaseline Men Skin Cooling Body and Face Bar
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Am not a man but I do have a 17 year old son, his got Pimple's would love for him to try it out, maybe it will make a difference on his face. Thank you in advance.
I will buy this soap for my hubby,hope he will like it.
My hubby would be happy to receive this bar soap for a test
This product can only be very good, my husband uses Nivia for men.
My husband has not tried this product. Please send us a sample.
I have not tried it but i would like to get to try.
Would like to try this soap, not all men products great, open for trying something new
Looks like an amazing product. Please send some samples fro my hubby to try.
Haven't tried it. Am more of a face wash (squeeze the tube and all kinda guy) but l guess getting back to basics and using a bar that promises to deliver good results won't hurt.
I have not yet purchased or tried this product -please send samples for my husband to test
I would love a sample for my hubby to try Bless you Wends
I have not yet purchased your product. Please send a sample for my husband to test
Would like to try this my husband has sensitive skin so would like to see how it would be on his skin.
This product looks amazing and I am sure hubby will enjoy this product so much! I am glad to see this is on the market and will definitely look out for this! I have always enjoyed the Vaseline range.
I have not seen this on our shelves yet. Vaseline soap! This sounds great. I would like a sample for my brother who works in the sun daily. I like the idea that it makes "lots of bubbles"!

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