4,7 5 0 13 13 Naturally washes away germs and leaves your skin feeling healthy and cool.
Vaseline Men Skin Cooling Body and Face Bar
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My husband uses nivea all the time and when I shave my legs, I use the nivea. I know Vaseline will be much better. Can't wait to try this out.
I would love for my husband to give this a try. I haven't seen it yet
I would like to get this product for my husband to try. I trust Vaseline products.
My husband loves feeling fresh all day long. and hates it when his deodorant disappoints him. i have heard a lot of this product.would like to give this a try, we always buy one brand sop for all to use,maybe i should start buying his own soap. would like to try this, pls send me a sample HTC!!
My partner struggles with shaving bumps and pimples as a result of shaving and nothing seems to remedy this problem. Would like him to try the Vaseline men skin cooling body and face bar!
My husband should try this, like most men (I assume) they take very little care washing their face with a specific product, usually the 3-in-1 hair-body-shaving gel. Please could you send this product to me and I will be sure to give you my opinion on how well it has worked for my husband.
Vaselien kom al n lang pad saam met my enlater my huisgesin, dus is die produk baie welkom by ons. Ons sal dit moet beproef
My husband have not tried it but he would love to get some samples.
would love to try it ...my man got sensible skin so i guess it would be perfect for him
I have not tried this yet with my friends and family, I would love to try it out!
I will look out for this product and ask my husband to put it to the test. He is Lux fan, but perhaps we can convert him
My husband just loves the vaseline men products, will be looking for this soap bar on my next shopping trip.
Thank you for a mens range... Hubby now can stop using my products. Id like him to try this... Please send me a sample for him. It will help keep bedroom annoyance at bay.
Please my husband would love to test this product because he use Nivea yust like me we love Nivea creams
Please send me this product that I can test would like the opportunity to do this.

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