Vaya Smooth

4,2 5 0 101 101 Leaves skin smooth, clear and bump free.
Vaya Smooth


I likebtye product except for the initial burn but the results are good
Must have Product
I doubted Vaya Smooth at first because the outcome on my friend after she used it was not so good, and I'm just one of those women who want to try everything and will try too. even though I have heard a lot of bad things about it because I just believe that every person is different and what works on you will not necessarily work on me and vice versa, so I still bought it and decided to test, and it's a great product especially if you're struggling with ingrown hairs, and it's great for your bikini line,, was not a bad product for me, and worked fantastically for me,
Bye ingrown hairs hello smooth bikini line This product is a must have Ladies
ingrown hairs gone
works well for ingrown hair in your bikini line - made less iritation
Didn’t really work for me, burned especially after shaved and also very very drying to my skin. Didn’t protect me from bumps at all. Disappointing. Do not recommend this at all.
VAYA Smooth
The best product I've used on my bikini line after shaving. It helps with bumps and ingrown hair. Leaves area smooth for longer.
am not a fan, it burns skin and gives rush after use
Very effective
I use this on a regular basis. It really is effective for those ingrown hairs.
I am not a fan. It burns your skin and leaves it feeling dry.
I tried this product and it really didn't work for me
used to have dark and bumpy underarms---all gone since i started using this product
Vaya smooth
I love this product. Due to threading and hair removal creams I use to remove facial hair I sometimes get pimples on my face and when I used this product it helps to dry the pimple up. I would recommend this.
Great product!
I love this! I use it after waxing and shaving to prevent ingrown hairs and bumps, and it soothes the skin as well. If you tend to find bumps, experience itchiness and redness on areas that you've just shaved, then this product is a must have.
Does it work ?
I have tried this product after I shave but honestly, I haven't seen any difference, anyone who experienced good results?
works like a bomb
i had a bad problem with ingrown hairs and i absolutely love this, it takes the itch away and leaves your skin feeling great and bump free. this is always part of the shopping list

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