Veet In Shower Hair Removal Cream Silk & Fresh

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Veet In Shower Hair Removal Cream Silk & Fresh


Its a good product used it a few times and it doesnt it!
Hair removal cream
The problem I had with this product is that it did not completely remove the hair on my legs. And even though you put it on for long still you have to use it a few times in order for it to completely remove the hair.
No more haie
What a good product. my daughter uses this instead of shaving, it leaves her skin soft and silky, no shaving bums or rashes. Definately a great product, especially if you don't want to shave.
Best hair removal cream
Would love to try again.Best hair removal product on the market.Remove hair fast and easy no mess
Veet your way to Smoother Skin
Veet hair removal cream is the absolute best. I am extremely prone to ingrown hairs and this product is quick and easy to use, especially now that it's specifically formulated for shower use. I will recommend it to everyone, men and woman with the added bonus of leaving a nice scent.
Smooth finish
It’s not harsh on my skin. it leaves my skin feeling moisturised after using. I usually itch after shaving but I didn’t after using it. Would recommend it , it’s just that it burns after using.
Veet In Shower Hair Removal
I'm a fan of the Veet Wax Mugg, and found this product to be a bit awkward to use. The smell is not that great and i find that it takes longer than the package instructions for the hair to be removed.
For soft and thin hair
I recently purchased this product. The instructions say you should not leave it longer than 6 minutes but my hair doesn’t come off until it sits at least for 10 minutes and I guess because of that it left me with scars. I would recommend this to someone with no sensitive skin, with thin and soft hairs.
Does the job
I purchased the Veet In Shower Hair Removal Cream to give it a try. Personally I felt it has a distinct off putting odor that I did not like. Even though it works well at removing hair,I think my skin is way to sensitive for it. within a few seconds of application I felt tingling sensation which later left me with a few bruises. my skin probably got burned or irritated by it. I will not recommend it for anyone with sensitive skin but will say rather do small sections at a time to avoid leaving it longer then few seconds at a time.
Hair removal
Does the job with removing the hair really well,however the smell is still quite strong.
Smells great
This product smells so much nicer than most of the other hair removals available. Just remember to watch your time when you use it or it may burn your skin. I am a bit disappointed as I do not know if they changed the formula recently, but it now burns my skin if I leave it on a minute too long, so really watch your time especially if you have sensitive skin.
the best
leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.
I have tried so many hair removal creams but I always ended up burning myself and still find myself hairy.I left veet because I thought I was saving I would go for the cheaper brand,after my bad experiences I tried veet and wooooow wooooow I dont get burnt and it removes all my hair out!
Lovely product for in the shower. Works well. Will recommend
Works best, removes hair very quick. Leaves skin feeling smooth and soft. I literally only use this product for hair removal.

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