5 5 0 105 105 Produced and bottled in Namibia, this flavoured sparkling drink brings you a new refreshment to try.
Vigo Malt Soft Drink Marula Flavoured
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Very different but loved it! Refreshing love both flavours
I was very impressed with this drink, and I would like to try the orange flavour as well. Definitely a re-purchase candidate
Refreshing, nice to drink with lots of ice
Quite something different and refreshing because in summer time you are always looking for something different also not so sweet like flavoured bottle water
i have the tried drink, it is very refreshing, tastes good and the marula flavour is delicious, i bought them at pick and pay, tasty
Loved this so much!! Please sir can I have some more?
I had this drink in Zambia and glad to see we are no stocking it in SA, it is really good!!!!
My son bought me one of this drinks just this morning! It's an excellent drink for the summer! Ice cold, not to sweet, and the tasty malt taste is very refreshing! I will definetly buy it.
I had a taste at the shop the other day, it is very good but what I love most about this product is that it has the cool look for young adults who are going to be driving, a good looking alcohol free drink is always a winner.
I have tried this and its absolutely amazing the taste is smooth and so refreshing
I tried it, and it was really nice. I would definitely buy this product again.
Very tasty and refreshing. Love it. Would love to try all the flavours. Have only had the marula. Samples would be nice
Love it and the wild orange one is my favourite.No more appletisser for me, Vigo comes out tops :). It's already in stores, I know I've seen it at Pick n Pay.
I think this looks so deicious. I just haven't tried it to give propper review. Will have to try it and see what my feelings is on this drink. The bottle looks very well. Can't wait to try it.
I have not tried it before but can you send me a sample please. my fam would luv it

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