4 5 0 17 17 Produced and bottled in Namibia, this flavoured sparkling drink brings you a new refreshment to try.
Vigo Malt Soft Drink Wild Orange Flavoured
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this is a very nice and tasty product for people on a diet
Havent tried it yet please send me a sample the kids aare so fussy with wat thay have to drink
I have not seen this in my local supermarket, is it available everywhere? would love to try it.
I have not tried this Vigo Malt soft drink , please send me a sample.
I have not tried this product but will love to test it.
I have not tried this yet. Do not always buy just anything to drink , but would love to try some and maybe keep on buying it if i like it. So can i try some please. Thank you.
This product is totally new to me. I havn't seen it in the shops yet. I would like to try it out it looks delicious. We used to live in Namibia so I am curious to know more about it.
would love to try this product. i will definitely be on the lookout for it on my next visit to my supermarket
This drink looks really interesting. I would like to sample it as I always enjoy discovering new tastes.
I'm not a big fan of malt but this looks yum, will certainly like to try it!
i have not tasted this product i would really like to have one.
I have never seen this. My husband and his friends would love it just because it has malt
Not yet seen this in our shops, but it looks quite refreshing
i've never seen this, please send me a sample to try
Love to try out new things.Will give it a go.

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