4,4 5 0 13 13 This fruity flavoured multi syrup is packed with vitamins and minerals. This unique, expertly-formulated supplement makes getting the daily vitamins A-B-C as easy as 1-2-3.
Vital: Kids A-Z Multi
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This is literally the only multivitamin that my daughter will take. She says it smells like a Frizzpop sucker and it does too! Tastes nice and she loves it. Im hoping to use this so she doesnt get too sick during winter.
my daughter ONLY had these vits at a toddler. she refused the chew tablets. I also found the price to be good and as you give less, the bottle last much longer than other brands.
my kids love it and it good to see that vital is creating more
My kids loves this too much,i will buy more of it.especially wen teething
We have tried nearly every multivitamin out there but this is what my kids have taken to. In prep for the flu season we use it more often now. Great tasting and no lingering after taste.
I have used this for my son and he didnt get ill while on it.
We use to buy this for our grand daughter , but is a bit to pricey for us. Could you send me some for her please? Thank you.
This Vital together with Creche Guard always best to have and now and then I incorporate Scotts emulsion but found Vital to work best.
I started using this product recently. My son is 2 years and it has increased his appetite. Now I don't stress about his eating as much even if he only nibbles the whole day.
we have been using this product for sometime and its an excellent product. it maintains the health standard we have for our son and family. i recommend it:)
This is a great product, I gave my kids aged 3
my kids love it and it good to see that vital is creating more
My kids are super fussy with vitamins and don`t like gum ones. These vitamins are not only great tasting and also very easy to give! Puts your mind at ease that your kids are getting the best for them! All I will every use!
Would like to try this product as my kisds hates the taste of many I tried. ..
I would like to try this for my child. Always a mission with the taste.

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