Vital Reduced Salt Soy Sauce

4,7 5 0 58 58 Introduce a new healthy variant of soy sauce to your recipes with this delicious, reduced salt soy sauce.
Vital Reduced Salt Soy Sauce


I have tried it and it's good has great flavor, I didn't go wrong buying this
I add this to all my dieet the taste ads great flavor
Multi purpose sauce
I love soy sauce, it's salty you don't use salt especially when you make stew or when you make marinate sauce
Soy queen
I love this product so that I use it in every stew, pasta and gravy. It gives it that special taste in my stir fry this soy sauce is unique the I would recommend it highly
Great value for money
Tastes really good, I'm glad that it's affordable and the flavor isn't compromised. Highly recommend
The Best Must Try
I absolutely love this product ,and I could use it everyday ,the only problem it's expensive.
Runny and honestly nothing special about it. I think other asian brands do it better.
Sweet and sour pork
Vital soya sauce is a an excellent addition to any sweet and sour dish. It gives it he right flavour of sweet and sour. I have made many dishes with Vital soy sauce and it has always been a winner with the family!
Home tester
My boyfriend made chicken stir fry and noodles it gave the meal beautiful flavor
I love this soy sauce because it has low salt and cholesterol free.
For those who prefer less salt
I like Soya sauce but this brand I wasn't too impressed with, it wasn't as flavourful as I expected and had a slight medicinal taste, perhaps because it had less salt. I would recommend it for anyone looking to cut out salt from their diet, but not for those looking for that distinct soya sauce taste.
Lower salt - still great flavour
Delighted to find a lower salt option for soy sauce. We use it often and now there is less worry for those in the family with hypertension. Great flavour, it is thicker than some similar brands, but a little goes a long way!
Soy sauce
A bit thick - prefer more runny soy sauce
Soya sauce
Excellent for marinating meat stuff. Very flavourful
Not a lot of Salt #perfect
You don't need to add any salt in your meal when adding this Soy, it's perfect for people who still like tha zang taste without going overboard perfect for Sushi, Stir Fries, any dishes you would like to reduce the taste of oil in!!!

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