Vital Reduced Salt Soy Sauce

4,8 5 0 35 35 Introduce a new healthy variant of soy sauce to your recipes with this delicious, reduced salt soy sauce.
Vital Reduced Salt Soy Sauce


Having a reduced salt soya sauce from a trusted brand helps alot. It's not compromised on taste and just right I can still dip my sushi without having to worry about my BP going up
Happy Busy Mom
Also last minute dot com shopping decided stir fry was going to be the fastest for dinner prepped everything then realised i had no soya sauce, jumped in the car and they had the normal brand i buy an the vital kf which vital was R4 cheaper yet never using it before took the chance cooked dinner and even my father in law who doesnt eat veggies or stir fry said it was delicious my pas were empty and all tummys full haply with my choice
I love the chilly vital soya sauce. But hard to find
Soy Sauce
Now this is my favourite I can't go a day without using it
Best soy sauce!
I just love this range of soy sauce. It is so delicious and it is such a bonus that it is healthy. I won't make stirfry without it. The sweet and sour flavor is my favorite but the other flavors are great too!
soy sauce
I love it ,always the best to have for any dish , cant be without it in my kitchen
less salt - much healthier
We recently decided to purchase the Vital Reduced Salt Soy Sauce and we were very impressed. It is super tasty and much healthier - smart and healthy switch indeed
Very tasty and not too sour can use for anything even on my chicken i even use it without using it on anything.Perfect taste ever i love it, its finger licking good.
Tried this and it is absolutely delish. Love that it is not too salty and has a great flavour
Vital Soy Sauce
Now this product is amazing only use a little for any dish. yum
Bought one for my mom and she decided to give it a try, she couldn't stop talking about how nice it is.
Less salt Soya sauce,
Making stir fries easier and having to add no more salt to food.
Definitely my go to brand for soy sauce. I use this in most of my meals and just gives it that extra bit of taste it needs. Not too salty and lovely to add to my meaty dishes.
The best!
It's good for stir-fried chicken and veggies, it adds a nice thick sauce and it taste great with its improved low sodium.
Vital soy sauce
I love this soy sauce. I do a lot of Asian style dishes and this is the healthy version of soy sauce to be used.

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