4,5 5 0 57 57 Weigh-Less Reduced Oil Dressing with low in saturated fat and it's sweet& tangy. </p> "Based on a survey conducted on Home Tester Club, 9 309 members responded to the salad dressing survey in September 2018. Weigh-Less was ranked their number one brand in South Africa for Low in fat, and Organic”</p> Click <a href="https://www.hometesterclub.com/za/en/Reviews/CategoryDetail/14523"><b>here</b></a> to see the full results of the survey. </p>
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Lovely Honey Mustard
Just loved the taste, and knowing that it had less oil was a great bonus.
Weighless honey and mustard salad dressing
Like this product. The flavour is still great even if it has less oil in the dressing.
Excellent dressing
Love this dressing, taste is fantastic plus the benefits justify the price. Will definitely be buying this one again .
It helps alot for me as i am constantly having to eat healthy and knowing there product that helps me maintain my weight is amazing
great weigh-less dressing
I bought this dressing after it was recommended tome by a friend. I was skeptical about the taste it's have compared to the non-reduced oil dressings. but i was blown away. we couldn't even tell that it contained less oil. this one comes highly recommended. plus it's almost summer now. so it's a GO-TO
great flavor!!! This is my go-to salad dressing whilst on a diet. perfect taste
Another great product by Weigh-Less. This dressing is a great way to spice up a salad and will leave you wanting more.
Like, to test it out. Thank you....................................
I would love to try this product since I hear it's good for people who are watching thei weight. I will definitely look out for it next time I an at the grocery store.
I would really love to try this product since I'm overweight and trying by all means to eat healthy
i have never tried it nor check it out. Hopefully it taste nice.next time i will check it out.
Would like to try this as it is hard to find weight loss products or diabetic products which have full flavors. Most leave a synthetic taste in mouth. Like most honey and mustard products.
I haven't tried it but since I'm on a weigh loss journey I will definitely try it
I would love to try it especially now that I'm trying to lose weight
Would love to have a taste of it and am sure it taste amazing and it is reduced oil.

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