4,5 5 0 57 57 Weigh-Less Reduced Oil Dressing with low in saturated fat and it's sweet& tangy. </p> "Based on a survey conducted on Home Tester Club, 9 309 members responded to the salad dressing survey in September 2018. Weigh-Less was ranked their number one brand in South Africa for Low in fat, and Organic”</p> Click <a href="https://www.hometesterclub.com/za/en/Reviews/CategoryDetail/14523"><b>here</b></a> to see the full results of the survey. </p>
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would love to try this dressing out, please send me a free sample to test. have not yet seen it in the shop
Im trying to lose a bit of winter weight - I would love to try this out.
I would love to try this product...my mom always been on weigh-less and always been using their products
Looks like a great product. Would love to try. Please send me some
Have not tried this out, nor have I seen it in the shop. but would love to try it out
I will definately be trying this after reading all the good reviews.
I never use this products which makes you lose weight I'm one of those who a trying to reduce weight, I can be very excited if I can receive a free samples
Have not seen this in the shop, but would love to try it out
Weigh-Less Honey Mustard sounds good, not tested yet but would like too mix it over my salads and leave a review.
i have just started a health plan so i would be interested to try this product out
have not tried this product out nor have I seen it in the shop, would love a sample to try out
Would love to try this healthy dressing. Reduced oil is good for me since I am currently in the process of loosing weight. Can't wait to try it out
Wow this looks amasing and I will sure add it to my next shopping basket :-)
Have not tried this brand but normally buy the honey mustard for salad and chicken dishes
Have not tried this brand but normally buy the honey mustard dressing for salads.

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