Weigh-Less Muesli

4,2 5 0 76 76 Weigh-Less Muesli gives you a good breakfast combination that promotes weight loss.
Weigh-Less Muesli


Low salt/sugar
I like it that there is not one type of serial in this pack. Some bran flakes what can be dry on its own but with the other types it is really enjoyable. Low in salt and sugar so you can add to taste if needed (not for me). Keeps you full for longer.
I have tried it and its great even for a snack its perfeck.
Very tasty, a great product with less calories than the rest.
I couldn't believe that it was actually "Weigh-Less", enjoyed the textures.
I like the muesli so much it is very healthy even if you don't like a food it's give you energy
My staple breakfast most mornings...it doesn't make me feel bloated & is great for my 'Diabetic' non-sugars. I've tried a few weigh-less items & my body always satisfied.
I am really not a fan of this cereal!! I think it's because I don't like the soft puffy things as they go mushy very quickly.
I have tried this, and ever since my husband complains when I get some of the other brands.
This is my daily breakfast. The variety in this Muesli is Perfect. I have it with milk or yogurt. It's divine. Well done.
I have tried this Muesli with yogurt and it's healthy and keeps going throughout the day
Eat every morning at work and must say it keeps you full for a long time.Healthy and tasty.
i bought this a couple of times and i liked its healthy
I have tried this Muesli with plain yogurt and I personally do not like this. I know it is a healthier alternative, but not for me.
One of the best Muesli cereals that I have tried. Very light, and I enjoyed the flavour paired with a Vanilla fat free yogurt.
Hi,I bought this numerous times and it`s seriously very nice as well as healthy.I will most definitely recommend it.

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