4,6 5 0 158 158 Wellington's Sweet Jalapeno sauce with no added colourants, MSG or flavourings.
Wellington's Sweet Jalapeño Sauce
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Green Sauce
Great and was pleased to spot it on the shelf in Gauteng and then I couldn;t find it at home - great taste and a good alternative to Sweet Chilli.
Husband's Favourite
We add this to everything and anything!! Chicken will never be the same without Wellington's Sweet Jalapeno!!
Even better than sweet chilly!
I used to be a big sweet chilly fan, but after having tasted the sweet jalapeno sauce I have been converted! We can't go without this in our fridge! It is great as a dipping sauce or even as a spread with cheese.
Soooo good
It's something that I pretty much add to everything. Flavor of the month for me at the moment. So delicious
another great wellington product
tried, tested, love! we have it on pizza, with sandwiches. just tastes so good!
When you burgers and add that sauce it makes the burger have more delicious taste. Or when you make pasta and add that sauce with ur food it becomes more delicious. I would recommend this sauce to anyone who likes sweet and chilly taste
I love this! It’s not too spicy and not too sweet. Great.
Tasty with mild sting
I tried this Jalapeno sauce and purhase it monthly with my original Wellington's sweet chillie sauce. It is nice for days when I want a little bit of heat. It is good with most dishes!
Wellington's Sweet Jalapeno Sauce
I purchase this product once in a while - I love the tangy and sweet chilly taste - I do have to put a bit of extra salt to enhance the taste though.... but it is a very tasty Sauce and I would recommend it with limited dishes :-) However, I know of people who will not eat there food lest this Sauce is present - Nice
Sweet and spicy
I have been using this product for a while, its a staple in my pantry together with wellington's sweet chili sauce, ive tried other brands but always go back to the best tasting product Wellington's!
I absolutely love normal sweet chilli sauce from wellington's but this one is on another level , I use this with my potato bake and everyone loves it way more now than what they did before. I am now a potato bake queen with this sauce in it. my own secret ingredient :-)
Wellington's sweet jalapeño sauce
It is not bad but not a favourite in my household! I personally perfer the Wellington's sweet chilli sauce which is definitely a favourite in my household
Wellingtons Sweet Jalapeno sauce
This is a great hit in my house. It's used on everything and I have to make sure to stock up. Usually 2-3 of these in the grocery cupboard and would definitely recommend this to all those who love an extra bite with the food.
Absolutely love
Taste is just delicious, we use it on literally everything, buy it every month. My husband's favorite sauce
Love Love Love
I absolutely love this sauce, I even add it to my tomatoe chutney when I make. It goes well with word rolls as well. Absolutely love

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