4,5 5 0 90 90 Wellington's Sweet Jalapeno sauce with no added colourants, MSG or flavourings.
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Deliciousness in a bottle
I absolutely love the taste of this product - It goes with everything especially as dip for my samosas
Yummy, just not hot enough
I love this product, I eat it with almost everything. But I would have liked for it to have been a bit hotter. Maybe add a bit more of the chili? Try it, you won't be sorry :)
My husband is addicted
I bought it thinking it would be a little hot but my husband loves it. The regular size bottle didn't last long now I have to buy two big bottles a month. As always good quality!
Wellington's Sweet Jalapeño Sauce
Sorry Wellington's I tried it in the shops , and I did not like the taste of your Wellington's Sweet Jalapeño Sauce, but totally love your sweet chilli sauce it's our ultimate favourite.
Jalapeno sauce
Oh wow what a winneron just about anything and everything! Your meal missing something...add a dash of this sweet gooey spicy deliciousness!
Sweet Jalapeno
I absolutely love this product. Very tasty, goes with everything and is so versatile. Will most definitely buy it again.
Marvellous Sauce
I really enjoy this. It could be a little less sweat. But I will definitely buy it again.
Very nice
It is very nice, my husband loves this. I do not like Spicy stuff in general but this is not too hot. Very nice
Wellingtons Sweet Jalapeno Sauce
My family and I absolutely love this sauce! Its a staple purchase on our grocery list every month and goes great with everything!
Wellington's Sweet Jalapeno Sauce
I love this sauce. I eat it on everything. It doesn't burn as much as you think it does. Deliciously mild
hmmmmm, i already love Wellington's mayonnaise and tomato sauce , i cannot wait to try this one
I have not yet seen this in the shop. I am a lover of chilli so I will look out for this product and give it a try.
Am sure it great and hot hot hot would love to taste it, most Wellington sauces are very good.
This looks yummy and spicy. Love trying out new sauces. Will be on my next shopping list. mmmmm can't wait.
Every month when I do my shopping I will just walk pass it and check if the price came down but up till today I never tried it

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