4,5 5 0 101 101 Wellington's Sweet Jalapeno sauce with no added colourants, MSG or flavourings.
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Marvellous Sauce
I really enjoy this. It could be a little less sweat. But I will definitely buy it again.
Very nice
It is very nice, my husband loves this. I do not like Spicy stuff in general but this is not too hot. Very nice
Wellingtons Sweet Jalapeno Sauce
My family and I absolutely love this sauce! Its a staple purchase on our grocery list every month and goes great with everything!
Wellington's Sweet Jalapeno Sauce
I love this sauce. I eat it on everything. It doesn't burn as much as you think it does. Deliciously mild
Love such flavors and im sure i will enjoy it. Must have
Looks great. Will be adding this to my sauce collection.
hmmmmm, i already love Wellington's mayonnaise and tomato sauce , i cannot wait to try this one
I have not yet seen this in the shop. I am a lover of chilli so I will look out for this product and give it a try.
Am sure it great and hot hot hot would love to taste it, most Wellington sauces are very good. I know the jalapeno to be spicey and nice so I want to taste that
This looks yummy and spicy. Love trying out new sauces. Will be on my next shopping list. mmmmm can't wait.
Every month when I do my shopping I will just walk pass it and check if the price came down but up till today I never tried it
Have not seen it in our shops, would love to try the product. Where can we purchase?
I have not tried it yet but will do so soon. Love the Wellington products so I am sure that this product will not disappoint me.
Love jalepino chillies. Would love to try some. Please send me some.
I would love to try this just dont have the money for it..... yum yum

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