4,5 5 0 40 40 They are deliciously crunchy kibbles flavoured with Salmon, White Fish & Shrimp that help support a healthy skin & coat.
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My kitty loved these treats
My mom sent these for her grand kitty. Fizzy ate them instantly. She wouldn't leave her bowel alone and kept dragging it along the floor making a noise to get our attention that she wanted more
Cats love it
My cats can't get enough of these treats, even when they hear me picking up the treats, they come running.
No different
I first got this as an extra on the Whiskas packaging. My Ash ate it all instantly. I got more, and well, it's simply as if they have taken their usual dry food without the nuggets and started selling it as treats. AshCat loves it though. A lot! I'd rather give him a pellet of the usual dry food as a treat when he's a good boy.
my Cat absalutly loves this, she goes crazy when i take it out the cupboard
My cat Tippy love this. Makes feeding time such a pleasure, no more fussy eater.
My cat Nala loves the trio crunchy treats. She even hits the small container off from the cupboard to show us that she wants some more.
I have a very fussy fur baby who is very selective of what she eats. I usually purchase dental bites for her as snacks and decided to try this one instead, at first sniff she was hooked! She loves the smell and taste. I have found a new form favorite for my baby. Highly recommend!
Little expensive
Cats loved it, but anything that’s smells so fishy and yummy , a cat would eat.... I found it to expensive, if you have more than one cat to please.
My cats absolutely devoured these treats in two days, due to them knocking it off the counter and opening the lid. This product is definitely a hit with the fur-babies
My cat was a fussy eater, but no more.
My cat is very fussy, she doesnt touch just any food that you put in front of her, but this meal, she devoured. It isnt gel and gross like other brands, and actually works very well
My cat and her kittens love this. Makes feeding time such a pleasure, no more fussy eaters...
The best ever
WHISKAS IS A GREAT PRODUCT. My Kat loves it. she enjoys every moment of snacking whiskas.
kitty treats
my 7 cats love these little treats, they are so cute, I love the shape of the pellets
I've tried so many brands but whiskas is the only brand she consistently eats she seems much happier after having it. Definitely my brand of choice
My cat loves this product.
Excellent product. My cat loves it. I also give it to my hedgehog.

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