4,5 5 0 48 48 They are deliciously crunchy kibbles flavoured with Salmon, White Fish & Shrimp that help support a healthy skin & coat.
Whiskas Trio Crunchy Treats Seafood Flavours
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Best cat treats ever!
My cats absolutely love these treats! They will even choose them over their food! I have tried many treats for my cats, but this one has proved to be the best one yet.
Cats love it
This is a tasty treat for cats from what it seems when the cats "attack" it. It comes in fancy packaging and has a convenient lid to close the container for future use. A definite recommend.
Gobbled it up
I actually got this as a surprise gift from a online shop in my parcel. My cats, especially the little kitten (5 months old now) and the female cat, went "insane" for it. There was teeth marks in the lid where they where trying to open the lid to get to the contents.
Fusspots love these treats
My cat is so old & has earned the right to be fussy. Lol. He absolutely loves these treats. Won't eat any other treats. Got a free sample, tried it on him, now buy them every month.
My cat is in love
These are the best cat treats, tried most on the market. My cat love them so much.
Kitty Loves
Where has this been all of my cat's life. We just have to take it out the cupboard and she is there for her snack. She has never enjoyed snacky things before until now...
My cat loves Whiskas Crunchy treats!
My cat has never really enjoyed dry cat treats, but since he tasted Whiskas Crunchy treats he just can not get enough. He will climb onto the counter where his treats are and go sit next to it until we give him some of it. Whiskas Crunchy treats is a fantastic product.
Kitty's favourite
Bought this in England before it was available in SA, and my cat absolutely loved it. So happy to have this here now.
Excited cats
My cats love these ♡♡♡ they cant get enough!! Meeeooow
furbabies love it
My 2 furbabies absolutely love this. They eat this as they would their dry kibble and not as a treat lol. When I shake the container, they come running and will sit and stare until I give them.
t did not like it
t love Whiskas pouches and dry food, she would love this product, but she did not. Opening the package, it did not have the same cat tasty smell as all the treat had that I purchased.
Whiskas Trio Crunchy Treats
My cats don't eat this at all - just turn around and walk away. The stray cats from the neighbourhood however loves it ...
Comes in a cute container, the lid is a bit flimsy, but the quality is the same as the food. Bit on the pricey side for a treat that is basically the same as the food. In my opinion, I would just buy a bigger bag and use that as treats.
Cat treats
My cat absolutely loves these treats, when I shake the container he comes running and immediately starts rubbing himself against my leg. It's the purfect treat for my fussy fur baby
My kat is mal oor die treats, ek het n sampel gekry saam n pak kos en moes net nog gaan koop het

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