4 5 0 45 45 It combines state of the art technology with an exclusive processing method to provide the ultimate whitening effect in a mouthwash base formula. The unique mouthwash based formula helps prevent bad breath.
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White Glo leaves my teeth looking white and my breath smelling fresh all day
White Glo review
I like the product, the toothpaste has a nice taste its not sharp on the tongue. I feel my teeth are clean after using it. I would definitely recommend the toothpaste
Leaves mouth fresh.
Really like this. Mouth feels fresh for a long time and does help with whitening.
White glo charcoal
Since I started using the white glo product I'm hooked
My favourite by far!
Since I discovered Whiteglo I ONLY use Whiteglo. Its gentle but effective and the flavour lasts a long time. Absolutley love it!
Good product
Defnite whitening of teeth noticed with product. Taste was refreshing and mouth felt clean and teeth smooth.
My baby daddys sensitive teeths are clean and fresh breath to both of us, as he has bleeding gums
Value for money
The product lasts long and perfect for sensitive teeth.
I love it
It's a big size and stays for a long time ,and helps with my sensetive teeths❤️❤️❤️
I used this product a few years ago and at the time I only used it cause they didn't have my normal brand. For the past month I have been using it again and i must say i love it. The taste is not too strong and i love the fresh smell. I can already see the change in my teeth and its so convenient to use at work as a mouth wash after lunch.. Love! Love! Love it!
The best
Since i started using it i have not looked back, happy with the product.
Even for kids
I like all the White Glo toothpastes. The taste is not too strong and my kids like to use it as well. Love the clean feeling that you are left with.
Does what it states.
I've used this product for 3 months consistently. It truly works. I noticed my teeth were whiter and more sparkling after just 2 days of use. It is a bit pricey but definitely worth the spend, I will always go back to using it when my teeth become too stained and yellow. I only switch back to regular toothpaste because of cost.
Would recommend
This toothpaste definitely removed some minor stains from my teeth. I have been using it for about three months and it does seem to prevent any new stains from forming as well - I am a heavy coffee drinker. I also love the "mouthwash" aspect of it.
love this toothpaste...your mouth feels thoroughly clean and definitely whitens your teeth

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