3,4 5 0 85 85 White Glo Advantage is a fluoride toothpaste formulated to be used daily to help promote superior oral health. Freshens breath, protect gums, removes stains, whiten teeth, removes plaques.
White Glo Advantage Cavity Protection with Whitening Clean Mint
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It wasn't worth the price
Assuming for its price i thought it would be the best. But dissapointing it didn't clean the stain in the teeth
White Glo Advantage
This is the best taste and smell in your mouth and leaves you wanting to smile all day.
LOVED IT!!!! :-)
Absolutely loved this product! I am extremely fussy when it comes to toothpaste, so for me to say that I like a toothpaste means a lot :-)
Not impressed by this product. No viable results. Teeth did not feel clean after use. After a few days my teeth color started changing from white to an off white.
White Glo Toothpaste
This toothpaste is ok. I do not find visible white Glo. It should be prices as a normal toothpaste of +-R15
White Glo Advantage Cavity
It does not leave that nice clean feeling in your mouth. I am looking for that fresh feeling.
Good product
I tried this as it was on special at my local Dischem store. I normally use the White Glo Professional and therefore found this product a bit lacking, it didn't feel like it cleaned the way the Professional does and it also doesn't have the minty aftertaste I would have expected from it.
Love White Glo
Love White Glo. Tried almost all of their flavors and it's brilliant
Its ok
i tried it, but the white glo professional is my Fave.
It kept my mouth fresh. It make my teeth white. Helps me to smile freely and boost my self esteem.
I have not had the opportunity to use it yet, but i have heard nothing but good reviews about it! Its well recommended and I wouldn't mind trying it soon!
Would try this product, because I wish to have white teeth for my smile to be awesome
I haven't tried this but it looks promising and would love to try it
I think this is what i will need. I haven't tried this product but from all the reviews I will definitely try it soon. I use the normal collgate toothpaste.
This look very interesting I would love to try this product as I notice my tooth colour doesn't look good and I would love to try this product and see if it could help me

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