4,8 5 0 93 93 It cooks quick and easy, is always white, has a fluffy texture, is mouth-wateringly good and is packed with energy! On top of this, it contains a host of nutrients, including Vitamin A, Folic Acid, Iron, four B-vitamins and Zinc
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Quick n easy
Lekker with my beef and cabbage for lunch was quick and easy and had the original taste
Quick and easy
Love this for the winter mornings, fast and easy to make, my children love mealie meal for breakfast on the winter days., so having a quick cooking porridge is perfect.
White Star
Great Product, Always fluffy. And so quick to cook. I could never make pap - White star made it so much easier for me - Thank you
White Star
it is so smooth, so fluffly and the good thing is that it doesn't take too long to cook
White Star Quick
I have tried this product it cooks very white and fluffy though I cooked slightly longer than 2 min
it is the center iece that hold all my dinner meals togeather PAP eish.
I tried this product and was very impressed. Although cooking times may vary depending on appliance temperatures and size of pot, it still saves a lot of time compared to the other maize meals. Will definitely keep using this.
This is a great product!! I am normally not very good at making pap- but this was quick and easy and tasted very good!!!
very nice, easy and quick, makes delicious pap in a jiffy
I buy this product a lot and the family like it a lot. It is easy to cook in the micro and on the stove and is quick and east to make.
Great if you dont have time to wait hours for the food. Taste great
My son loves this, and given that it is so quick to make, it makes my life easier.
my dogs love their maize in the evening and this cooks so quick,i dont have to stand infront of the stove for hours to cook their food
Definitely the best mieliepap out there! Huge time-saver. Kids like it better that the original.
Quick ans easy to make. Not priced badly if you take into consideration you cut on your cooking time! So less electricity

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