4.5 5 0 32 32 Deep Heat Regular Relief provides fast, targeted pain relief for the temporary relief of muscular aches and strains, lower back pain, arthritis, fibrositis and rheumatism. This medicine may not be right for you. Read the warnings before purchase and follow directions for use.
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helping hand in a tube
Great product which I have been using for years. the cream/gel warms the area in pain and helps to provide relief. as a bonus the smell is comforting.
Deep heat rub
As a sufferer of fibromyalgia, deep heat gets into my muscles and provides some relief. I also love the smell.
always have this in the cupboard for when we have muscle pains and strains, it is very soothing and does relieve the pains. I also like the smell it clears my sinus too.
Deep heat
I find deep heat to be very soothing for muscular aches and pain‘s, even though it has quite a strong smell it doesn’t last for too long. I always carry a tube with me while I’m at work.
Awesome relief
This product is great for relieving muscle pain. I use it when needed & is great. Generally I use this at night & let it relax my muscles.
Relief with heat
Fragrant smelling Deep Heat provides relief from aches and pains.
Love this!
I have tried all different rubs but I have to say deep heat is my number 1 go to! It doesn't burn my skin (unless it gets in my eyes!) and the consistency is great, easy to apply and best of all I find it very effective in relieving my pain and swelling. I mainly use it when my arthritis flairs up but I use it for muscle pain as well. Definitely recommend this!
First aid staple
Everyone needs this in their first aid kit. So handy to have. Works great and the smell is pleasant
Great for sore Muscles!
I play a lot of sport and if you get a cork or muscle tension, it is great to apply this and massage it in. Great short term relief for muscular pains and aches. does have a strong smell but I don't mind it.
The best kind of burn
As much as this smells, it also helps. Fantastic on delayed onset muscles soreness (DOMS) as well as any other muscular problems.
Deep heat
Very strong smell, however it definitely does provide a deep heating sensation to very sore muscles. It did provide relief after a 10 minutes.
Works well
This product works. I hurt my back last year and it really helped reign the pain and made it easier it do every day things.
great on stiff places
i use this often on my sore muscles after running i works great
This product provided a quick relief for muscle pain. Smell wasn’t completely overbearing.
Really works
Deep heat really works on all your aches and pains. Easy to apply and you can feel it working straight away.

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