About Home Tester Club

Home Tester Club is an online community of shoppers who test products and share reviews to help fellow shoppers buy better. It is home to thousands of product reviews, and by joining the club, you’ll be eligible to participate in free product tests, with samples delivered straight to your doorstep.

Home Tester Club is completely free to join. All we expect from our members in return is honesty! Love your new shampoo? Not a fan of that new biscuit flavour? We want to know. Your product reviews will not be censored on Home Tester Club. Help others buy better by sharing your honest product experiences.

The voice of the consumer is the most credible voice of all. Your honest feedback on products is important and will help the country’s leading brands develop better products for shoppers like you.
To register for your free Home Tester Club account, click the “Join Now” button. You will need to fill in your details and answer a few profile questions, then you’re in!
Home Tester Club is available in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Canada, China, France, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan, South Africa, USA, UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Mexico. We’re currently expanding and hope to be available in your country soon.
Home Tester Club is the best online community for grocery product ratings and reviews! That’s because our members share their honest reviews and feedback on the products that they’ve tested through Home Tester Club or tried independently.
Testing products is one of the most exciting parts of being a Home Tester Club member. Visit the TEST page of our website to register your interest for the product tests we have open for registration.

Keep in mind, we want to make sure the right products are getting into the hands of the right consumers. We wouldn’t want to send our members dog food to test if they didn’t have any pets! You must complete the pre-qualifying survey to register your interest in that product test, and so our team can ensure you’re the right person to test that product.

While you may not be suited for every product test, don’t be discouraged! We are often recruiting product testers, so we recommend checking your email inbox for registration invitations and check our TEST page often.

Product Testing

When you sign up as a member, we’ll ask a few questions to help us understand your consumer profile. A combination of this information, as well as the pre-qualifying questions (specific to each product test), will determine the best members to test a product.

We also look at Home Tester Club points and badges into consideration when selecting members for our product tests. Read below for more information on Home Tester Club points.
We only want to send products that are relevant to you. By completing your Home Tester Club profile, and registering your interest in a specific product test, our team will choose members who are best suited to receive that product to test.
After you have registered your interest in a product test (by completing the pre-qualifying survey), we will email you within 1-2 weeks to let you know if you’ve been selected to participate.
Congratulations! Products typically take 1-3 weeks to be delivered to your address after you have been selected to participate in a product test. Refer to the emails you receive from Home Tester Club for more details.

If you have not received your product after 3 weeks of being notified that you have been selected, please take the following steps:
  • Login to your Home Tester Club account and visit your dashboard, by clicking your name in the top right corner of your screen. Go to your profile and ensure your address is correct. If your address is not correct, please change it in your profile and then email our Home Tester Club Team to let them know (so they can try to re-route your parcel delivery).
  • If your address is correct, check to see if there are any postage delays in your area.
  • If all looks well, there’s a chance your parcel may have gone missing. Unfortunately this happens sometimes. If 3 weeks have passed, please email our Home Tester Club team to speak to them about it.
  • Your parcel contains a Home Tester Club flyer. Be sure to read your flyer for your product test instructions. Generally, you should start testing your product as soon as you receive it. Our Home Tester Club team will email you when your feedback survey is ready, so you can share your honest feedback about the product!

    Tester Tip: Take a photo and/or video review of your product testing experience! You can upload your content as part of your product test for Home Tester Club points. We also encourage you to share your content on our Home Tester Club Facebook page or your Instagram page. Be sure to follow us and tag us using @HomeTesterClubNA for your chance to be featured or even win a prize!
    While we would love to include every member in our product tests, we have a rather large community and only a limited number of products to send out. The best way to improve your chances of being selected is to complete your Home Tester Club profile and to apply for product tests as soon as you’re invited to register.

    Reviewing Products

    If you want to leave a review on a certain product, use the search bar on Home Tester Club to see if we have a product page on our website for that product yet. If we do, please leave your review! If you can’t find the product you’re looking for on Home Tester Club, get in touch with our team and we’ll add it to our website.
    At Home Tester Club, we pride ourselves on honesty and authenticity. Negative reviews will not affect your chances of being selected for free product test. Negative reviews are still honest reviews! We want to hear your real opinions on products that matter to you. With the exception of inappropriate or abusive language, your feedback will never affect your chances of being selected for a product test.

    We’re also relying on your honest reviews to help fellow shoppers buy better. If you didn’t like a product, we want to know!
    We encourage you to upload photos & videos of your product testing experiences! By doing this, you will also receive Home Tester Club points and increase your membership status.

    Did you buy a product recently that you tried and loved? If you see that product on our website, and you’d like to upload a photo or video review for it, click the “Upload a photo/record a video” button under the product image, then follow the prompts.

    Were you selected for a Home Tester Club free product test? If you want to leave a photo or video review for a product that you received from us, you will be prompted to do so after you complete your post-trial survey for that product. This uploading test task can also be found in your member dashboard after your post-trial survey is open.
    We’re glad you asked! Here are some tips to enhance your content:
  • Find a good light source – We want you to shine, just as much as the product you’re testing. So find a spot in your house with a good source of natural light, or use as much artificial lighting as you can.
  • Show us the product pack – As you give your review, hold up the product pack! We want to see you with the product while you show & tell us about your experience.
  • Find a quiet spot if you’re recording a video – Try to reduce ambient noise. Find a nice quiet room where you won’t be interrupted. Try to turn off any appliances that make noise, like an air conditioner or fan.

    Your content may even win a sweet prize from Home Tester Club if you follow these guidelines!
  • Our Home Tester Club team reviews the photos and videos that are changed to our website, to ensure the content is moderated and relevant to that product. If your content is approved, it will appear on our website within a couple of days.
    The reviews on Home Tester Club are left by members who have tried the product either as a part of a product test or independently. You must be a verified Home Tester Club member to leave a review on our website too.

    You can use the filter menu on each product page to sort the reviews by the following:
  • Home Tested (the member received it as part of a free Home Tester Club product test)
  • I Have Tried This (the member has tried this product independently)
  • Rating
  • Date
  • Home Tester Club Points, Badges & Competitions

    Our members earn points by contributing to Home Tester Club. This includes leaving reviews, completing surveys, participating in product tests, leaving comments, uploading photos and videos, and more. Home Tester Club points have no monetary value, however there are certainly benefits to having points.
    Each month we invite our most active members to participate in bonus Home Tester Club trials, where we send you free products. We call this our “Top Contributor Program”. The 20 members per country with the most points for that month get invited to these exclusive product tests!

    In addition to this, we look at our members’ points during the selection process for our product tests. After you have registered your interest in a product test, our Home Tester Club team looks at all of the responses, then selects members that specifically qualify for that product test. If we have more qualified members than we require, we typically look at points as a deciding factor for who we send the products to! That means, if you have a high number of points, then you are more likely to be selected for a free trial.
    If you have been a member with us for a while, you may have noticed your points have recently changed. Or, you may not have noticed that you have Home Tester Club points at all yet! We want to ensure our active members are rewarded for their engagement on our website and within our community. We also want to ensure all members have a fair chance to receive free products from us for testing. That is why we have made a few changes to the points values we assign for each activity on our website.
    Badges are symbols of your contributions to Home Tester Club. To see which badges you have earned, and which badges you are still yet to earn, visit your member dashboard and click on “My Badges”. There are also handy hints on how to level up from bronze to silver to gold badges.
    In general, the more active you are on our website, the more points you will earn! Here is a list of activities that will get you Home Tester Club points:
  • Complete your profile
  • Register for a product test
  • Complete a survey
  • Leave a review on a product you see on Home Tester Club
  • Make a post about a product in the Q&A section
  • Reply to a post in the Q&A section
  • Upload a photo of your product testing experience
  • Upload a video review of your product testing experience
  • My Account & Troubleshooting

    At Home Tester Club, your information is kept private. Your personal details, including your full name, address and email address, will never be shared with anyone outside Brand Power Company, unless you opt to share your details with fellow members. Usually, only your first name and region will be visible on our website. If you’re testing a product, your responses may be shared with the brands and companies who own the product. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.
    Yes, you can connect your Home Tester Club account to your existing Facebook account. Visit your dashboard by clicking your name in the top right corner of your screen, then go to your settings. Toggle the Facebook connection switch on in your social settings and save your changes.
    While you’re welcome to participate without connecting your social media accounts, some of our product tests will encourage you to utilize your social media account if you have one.
    Keeping your details up to date is essential to being selected for product tests and successful deliveries. It is important to keep your address changed so we can send your free product to the right place if you are selected to participate in a product test.

    To change your contact details, visit your dashboard by clicking your name in the top right corner of your screen, then go to your settings. Be sure to save your changes.
    Make sure your username (i.e. your email address) and password are correct. If you still can’t login, try resetting your password by entering the email address you used to sign up for Home Tester Club. We will send you an email with a link to reset your password.
    We’re sad to see you go, but Home Tester Club is not for everyone. To remove your account, please click here.