4.9 5 0 17 17 Ardmona tomatoes are harvested only when fully ripe on the vine. Ardmona only uses tomatoes grown 100% in Australia. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.
Ardmona Rich & Thick Basil & Garlic Diced Tomatoes
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Great product
I have been using this product for a while now, the flavour is always rich and tasty.
Great for lots of recipes
Love this product, goes well with many types of recipes without overpowering
Nice & thick
I love this product for spaghetti & similar type dishes as it is thick and tasty and doesnt make things too watery like some sauces. It is Australian, easy to use and comparable in price to other brands.
Australia grown tomatoes
Love this brand and the range they offer. Made from Australia grown tomatoes and they don't add any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. This basil and garlic canned diced tomatoes is fantastic for cooking - super easy spaghetti bolognese or ratatouille.
Great Taste
I thought I would try this new flavored tomato's I used it with spaghetti bolognese it added flavor to the meal and was very tasty not to mention quick and easy to use. I will be buying this product from now on.
Nice and rich
This is the best brand avail I like the thickness of this product, it doesn't make your spag bol to runny and because it's so thick the flavour is really concentrated which means, I don't have to add anything else no tomato paste no pasatta nothing but the tin of toms.
Pasta sauce is so much easier now!
With this product having basil and garlic included, it makes home made pasta sauce less time consuming. I feel that it could do with a bit more garlic but for those who only like a small amount of garlic, it is perfect. I have also used this as a base in toasted sandwiches with salami and cheese.
Fantastic product for any tomato based sauce. I love using it in my spaghetti Bolognese sauce. The addition of the herbs cut down on costs so I don't have to buy the herbs themselves as well. Always great quality.
Love the flavour
These can tomotoes are certainly rich and thick and I love the flavour combination of the basil and garlic together. Great Aussie product.
Great flavour
I bought this to add to a pasta bake. Was thick and full of flavour. Will definitely buy again when making pasta dishes.
Ardmona Rich & Thick Basil & Garlic Diced Tomatoes
Tastes great.Australian owned.Good in pasta dishes or lasagne.
Great flavour
Love this product. Regularly use this for meat sauce for pasta and lasagne. Beautiful rich flavour with no need to add anything extra
thick and tasty
I love how it already has basil and garlic included. This adds instant flavor to your food
Love Aussie products
Love ardmona products as they're Australian and have excellent quality and flavour.
So flavoursome
These canned tomatoes are so full of flavour. The taste is certainly rich with the right balance of basil and garlic to add perfection to your cooking.

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