4.3 5 0 60 60 Arnott’s has collaborated with Gelato Messina to launch a new range of Tim Tams! Like gelato, they are best served chilled, with temperature-sensitive packaging that transforms below 8 degrees. The changing colour of the package is as exciting as the flavour of these chilled treats.
Arnott's Chill Me! Iced Coffee Tim Tams
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Can't go wrong with coffee and choc
Coffee is certainly present in these biscuits and choc on the outside just anther reason to say your heaven when eating them, only disappointment is the price is always to much and you never get enough biscuits in the packet compared to the original Tim Tams, still a coffee choc flavor explosion and good to have in the pantry.
Too subtle
The coffee flavour was too subtle so I was disappointed. Double shot option would be better.
love it
Great as a winter warmer and a Sunday treat great centre amount of taste
Great combination
I love Tim Tam and coffee, when they are together. It is bomb! I eat the whole packet in one go and it is just delicious. I definitely recommend have it with tea. If you love coffee and Tim Tam, it is a must try product.
Coffee wannabe
Yes it is a Tim Tam and yes they were nice - BUT, I was expecting much more of a coffee hit in the flavour so that it really expressed itself as an individual flavour for the range.
I just love tim tams
I am not a coffee consumer but I thought I would give these a try. It's a tim tam after all. The flavour was really pleasant and not over powering. I would certainly buy these again.
Stronger Coffee
these were nice but there were not many in the packet and the coffee flavour could be stronger.
I love my coffee, so when I saw this on the shelf I had to grab a pack. A nice suttle mix of coffee and chocolate. A nice little treat food for me. I would buy this again for sure.
Im not a massive coffee fan but these were delicious!
What can I say! These are delicious but I would a stronger coffee flavour would make them better.
I love chocolate biscuits but after trying these new iced coffee tim tams I will definitely be purchasing more
I had high hopes that these would be the perfect combination of two of my favourite things - tim Tam's and iced coffee. Sadly I was disappointed. They were a little bland.
Seriously delicious... and addictive! Coffee and Tim Tams combined, what could be better?
Not big on coffee but thought I'd give these a go and wow... I love them!!!!
Very nice Tim Tam, super addictive. If you have a sweet tooth and love coffee would recommend these ones!

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