3.3 5 0 55 55 Tim Tam Mango is a combination of the delicious Tim Tam biscuits coated in milk chocolate and filled with mango flavoured cream.
Arnott's Mango Tim Tams
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Best to stick to the original Tim Tams.
Wasnt a big hit in the family, the mango flavour was rather artificial... Probably wont be buying this unless its on super sale.
Tasted ok, but still didn't win me over. It's a biscuit that has to be eaten on it's own. the flavours don't mix well with beverages such as tea, hot chocolate or coffee.
a friend gave me these to try... i really liked them!! full of sugar yes! but hey why not when they taste so good!
Sitting on the fence with this one. While it still had the Tim Tam flavour, I couldnt really taste the pinapple which was disappointing
Not that bad at all. The mango taste is just enough in there. Kids didn't mind it either.
Tim Tam just never go wrong! Wonderful cream mango taste wrapped in a chocolate biscuit then dipped in luscious chocolate. A truly luxurious treat.
I have bought these to try multiple times as they keep running out in the packet. They were a lovely change from other flavours they had launched at the time. I would buy these again when I see them on special.
Wasn't sure about this product so I only bought one. Was very surprised with the flavor. Had to go back for more! It's now one of our favs.
We are loving all the great new flavours appearing and this was no exception, fantastic and fresh, will buy again as was another hit.
I love mango and I most certainly love Tim Tam's. This combo, though, it bothers my taste buds.
I'm not a big mango lover. It had a very strong taste. Didn't like it at all.
Doesn't have a very strong mango flavour. Definitely prefer the original Tim Tams
These weren't horrible but they didn't really resemble mango at all.
They taste nice as a biscuit but didn't satisfy the Tim Tam urge
Arnotts have ruined their biscuit range by making them sweeter than previously to appeal to the American market. If you like really sweet biscuits, you'll probably like these. I personally thought they were too sweet and tasted artificial.

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