Avalanche Drinking Chocolate Sugar Free

3.7 5 0 40 40 This 100% sugar free premium drinking chocolate uses all natural ingredients. With its rich chocolate flavour & smooth velvety texture you will be wanting more.
Avalanche Drinking Chocolate Sugar Free


Love this
Love this alternative for hot chocolate. It doesn’t have the artificial taste that other have. I like that it isn’t too sweet and has a slight bitterness. I add it to unflavored protein powder and it gives it a nice chocolate taste.
A bit bitter
I have bought this a few times as I have limited hot chocolate options on Keto. Whilst it is meant to be sweetened with Stevia, I find it really bitter and not much sweetness at all. Also not a good couple for a mocha as it doubles the bitterness when mixed with coffee.
Nice SF alternative
A good alternative for those who are limiting their sugar intake for health reasons. Not too sweet which allows you to add extra sweetener if you desire, this also tastes great added into a coffee/protein shake/smoothie!
For a sugar free, treat it's actually quite nice. My sons love it too.
Great for adding to Desserts
Although this is a drinking chocolate we use it to top desserts. My favourite is on layers of strawberries and yoghurt to make an alternative Black Forest dessert. Tastes awesome!!!!
Avalanche drinking chocolate
Its tastes good so I drink it but it gives me diarrhea if I drink more than 1 cup with 2 teaspoons per day.
Great substitute!
The sugar substitute isn't overwhelming and you get a nice balance to make it a great hot chocolate mix without the higher caloric and sugar intake. I use it frequently in making mocha coffee with no true change at all to the flavour. No 'sweetener' aftertaste, easy to use and just a nice comfort drink to have. The only downside is that it is considerably more expensive than standard hot chocolate, so it does make it more luxury than just something to keep on hand regularly
An ok substitute for a real hot chocolate
I bought this as I love hot chocolates to help me relax before going to bed, but I put a heaped teaspoon of sugar in each one. This drinking chocolate is definitelty not as rich as the real deal, but satisfies me enough.
Hot Chokky/No Guilt
Love this! For anyone following a low carb/no sugar eating plan, this is a delicious guilt-free treat. I add a quarter-teaspoon to my morning coffee, and last thing at night enjoy a 'hot chocolate'. (I make my hot chokky with sugarless almond milk.) It also works very well made into a pudding with chia!
My husband has diabetes and I specially bought this product for him, today he tried this product and his blood sugar went very high. Hidden ingredients?
Good dark chocolate flavour, but a very obvious artificial sweeter taste. Has some trouble dissolving and can clump together a bit. Overall okay product.
I love this product! I have had it cold and hot, and it always is satisfying. The trick I find with this product when enjoying it as a cold treat, is to mix the powder with a dash of hot water before adding milk as it will dissolve the "sugar crystals" and give a better end result. The flavour is fantastic it is a rich chocolatey taste that is smooth to drink. As I do not normally eat sugar or add sugar to anything, I personally find this sweet enough for my families tastes.
Tastes just like real hot chocolate without all of that sugar! A favourite of mine and helps curb my chocolate cravings :)
As a sugar free hot chocolate, mixed with soy milk, avalanche is quite nice. I've found it to be quite smooth and flavoursome. Not as nice as other avalanche flavours, but for a sugar free alternative, well I'm quite impressed.
I can't understand these reviews I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! coming from a diet of alot of sugar related products i finally went on a shake and health food diet.But my chocolate flavoured shakes where bland, i was looking for something i could add a teaspoon to the shakes without blowing the sugar, carbs and fat content out of the water. i found this and i was so happy, then i tasted it and i cant believe i didn't discover it earlier, i would choose this even over the sugar alternatives,it tastes great as an additive to my shakes, as hot chocolate or my son loves it in a chocolate milkshake! i cant give this enough stars!

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