4.6 5 0 148 148 Originale is a brilliant all-rounder olive oil, its flavour is harmonious and well balanced with a mature fruity aroma and low bitterness. Perfect for salads, dressings, drizzling over pasta, adding to soups and Italian dishes.
Bertolli Originale Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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It is rich and pure to its taste. Perfect for cooking or just in a salad with the pure taste of extra virgin olive oil
subtle flavour, healthy and versatile
I use olive oil to do nearly all of my cooking. It has a subtle flavour that does not permeate the taste of your cooking. It is tasty enough to drizzle over bread, or make your own infused oil. Also light enough to use as a healthy and natural massage oil, especially on babies
I love this oil!
We have always used this oil in our house. You can use it for any sort/type of cooking. Does not leave the food feeling greasy as long as you use it sparingly. A super fresh and authentic Italian oil! Definitely an item to stack in your pantry if you don’t have it!
Quality oil. Nice taste. Good smoke point. Convenient size bottle.
Great Olive Oil
I use this product daily. It is great, tasty, price is competitive.
Pantry Stapple
My usual brand as its consistantly on special and has a great taste and is a versatile oil.
Great oil
Great oil for all types of cooking. Full of flavour and taste.
Perfect for cooking and on salads... a good quality and tasty olive oil.
I am using this oil, I like the freshness and flavour which enhances any meal you add it to.
This is a premium quality olive oil. I use it for frying and baking. I often purchase it as its cheaper but it's not Aussie, so if you don't mind buying imported.
Love this olive oil I use it a lot in my cooking it’s a nice light olive oil with not a strong olive flavour like some other oils.
This olive oil is better in baking and for salads than what it is for cooking.
this is one of my favorite olive oils, a lovely light taste and just enough flavour to not be overbearing...and comes in many size bottles to suit different families
I can't fault this olive oil, I only use Extra Virgin as it's the best quality. It has a nice flavour & isn't too intense and can be used for cooking nearly anything! A kitchen staple.
This is the best cost effective olive oil on the market. I love the depth of flavour and the freshness. Great and reliable product.

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