4.9 5 0 8 8 Brancourts cottage cheese is made using their very own European recipes handed down through four generations. They’ve kept to great-grandparents Julien and Alice’s philosophy that ‘real goodness comes from simple things’.
Brancourts Cottage Cheese
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Creamy and tasty
A creamy textured cottage cheese that tastes delicious. It has a good consistency for crackers, sandwiches and as a dip. Yummy!
One of the best.
Recently tried this brand over 2 others and really liked the taste and quality. It’s a smoother consistency and creamier taste compared with other brands. I have purchased this brand a few times lately and happy.
Thick and creamy
Fantastic on crackers by itself and has a non watery texture. Thick and creamy. Perfect as a dip mixed with salsa.
creamy and delicious
I bought this as it was new and on special. It is now the only brand i buy, It is really creamy and Delicious.
Delicious cottage cheese! I've tried it 'straight' on rice crackers and in my lunchtime salad, and as a low carb/no sugar dessert by mixing it with low carb Greek yoghurt, cinnamon, vanilla, flaked almonds and sugarless maple syrup.
I have been a Dairy Farmer's Cottage Cheese eater for years but lately, it's been hard to find it on my supermarket shelves. I have tried many brands of Cottage Cheese and have not found one that equals Dairy Farmers. Until now. I saw Brancourts brand and decided to give it a go, buying the 500g tub, maybe a little prematurely. What it I didn't like it?? Fortunately, it tastes EXACTLY like Dairy Farmers so I'm over the moon. It's creamy and tastes devine. Told my daughter about it as she also was having problems getting our previous brand and she also has great comments to make about it.
Was it even cottage cheese
Tasty, creamy and an enjoyable experience. I can’t believe how enjoyable this was! Eaten on a savoy with a cherry tomato and what an experience!
I would love to try this. Great for cooking and baking.

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