5 5 0 6 6 Soothes inflamed or infected tissue in the throat and mouth including discomfort following dental treatment.
Cepacol Antibacterial Mint Mouthwash
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Good Quality
I haven't tried this Cepacol before and it was on special so I thought I would try it. On opening it I liked the mild minty fresh aroma I found that the taste was just right not to strong or over powering like other mouth washes my mouth felt fresh and clean
Actually works!
Great product! It actually works wonders by soothing my sore throat and unhappy gums. It leaves a nice fresh taste after use.
Visit at the dentist
When my hubby had an tooth infection and he had to go visit the dentist to get an couple of teeth removed which cost him a couple of hundred to get them removed he had to buy this mouth wash to stop any more infection happening and it seemed to work.
great for mouth problems
i use cepacol on occasions where my mouth is sore from sore gums or ulcers. i find that it has a flavour that is not too strong but it's antiseptic properties are fantastic. cepacol is great for treating mouth problems
Great to have a fresh mouth
When I had surgery I was advised to use Cepacol to keep my clean from any bacteria. The added bonus is that my mouth felt fresh. I had to gargle several times a day. I never had any infections or any problems and my surgeon was happy.
Great product best I have ever had for a sore throat. I have tried a few but found this one to be the best.

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