4.3 5 0 29 29 Cholula Hot Sauce Original is all about Flavor, Fire and Fun. More than any other Hot Sauce, Cholula's delicious blend of piquin peppers, chile arbol and signature spices enhances food flavors without overpowering them.
Cholula Original Hot Sauce
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He likes it hot!
While I have not tried this product as hot sauces are not my thing.My son loves this sauce on almost everything,steak,sausages,in casseroles etc.Its his go to hot sauce
Cholula the other woman in my life.
So good I keep bottles at work and home. The Chipotle if you can find it is so good too
My husband is a big fan of hot and spicy food and he absolutely loves this sauce. He adds it to almost everything from burgers to cheese on toast!
I have hot sauce religiously. Unfortunately this one didn't hit the mark for me and I much rather Tabasco. It was just tangy and not spicy at all.
Spicy in the right measure and has a delicious aroma and flavor.
I honestly prefer this over Franks Red Hot. It is spicy enough to add zest,without an extra kick.
Hot and Spicy are the words to describe this. I personally don't like the lid, but the sauce is definitely a winner
Absolutely love this Hot Sauce. In my opinion even better than Tabasco and has a couple of different options within the range. The Choula Chipotle is the best Hot Sauce I've ever tasted and couldn't recommend it highly enough if you enjoy a smokey flavoured Hot Kick!
Not as hot as tabasco, but for some dishes, this is a plus! Pretty good flavour too
Great hot sauce. One of my favourites now. Not ridiculously hot so can be used for great flavour and some added heat.
The best hot sauce to go on Mexican food! I love this stuff!
What more could you ask for? The best hot sauce around.
My daughter lives in Texas there are many MEXICAN restaurants, love this just adds a little heat and flavour
I love this product!! I'm a fan of Tabasco but I find this hot sauce much easier to find and the fact it comes in a bigger bottle makes it even better. Not to mention the smoother less bitter flavour, definitely a must have pantry item.
I love this sauce, if you are looking for some extra heat and Mexican flavours in one. Great for making tacos......

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