5 5 0 8 8 Protect yourself with Chux Extra Comfort Sensitive Skin Gloves. They feature a luxurious soft cotton lining for enhanced comfort and are made from latex-free vinyl, making them ideal for people who suffer from latex rubber allergies. Offering superior comfort and moisture absorbency, they have an extra-long cuff to protect your skin during cleaning and in deeper water. Plus they’re resistant to household detergents.
Chux Extra Comfort Sensitive Skin Gloves
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These are very comfortable, a good length and durable! They are my go to around the house and never seem to disappoint, make cleaning a breeze!
My favourite glove
They are just the right length. They are good with my sensitive hands as no reactions like other gloves. I love the colour, bright and cheerful. There is a supply in my cupboard all the time.
Very comfortable gloves, they last long and are durable. Always have one by the sink.
Lilac gloves
Love these gloves. So nice to use. Can get to fit my hands and long enough to go over my wrists and up my arm. Also when I hang they dry and don't smell
Best gloves for sensitive skin.
These are the only gloves I use with my sensitive hands. The flock lining doesn’t aggravate my skin. I have multiple new packets as a backup as we had trouble sourcing while travelling in WA.
I spend a few hours a week cleaning the house and find most gloves make my hands sweat, leave the inside coating on my hands and puncture on any sharp objects. However, these are a winner - so comfortable, sensitive and absorb sweat without feeling uncomfortable.
Long lasting sensitive friendly gloves
Great gloves that are long lasting and a great strength. They are designed with sensitivity in mind.
very comfy gloves
nice comfy gloves and last for long time, value for money

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