3.5 5 0 85 85 The Dettol Floor Cleaning System and Floor Wipes are an easy and healthy way for everyday cleaning and touch-up jobs, killing 99.9% of germs*. The disposable disinfecting floor wipes cut through grease, dirt and grime to leave your floor with a sparkling shine and fresh fragrance, giving you one less thing to worry about.
Dettol Floor Cleaning System
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Quick and Easy
This is great for a quick spot clean, Always have a packet in the house.
Great for quick clean ups
Great for quick clean ups and easy to use by my small children. Also great on my back that I'm not having to get down on the floor to clean. Would recommend for other Mums with young kids.
great for small messes
great to use to touch up floors and/or clean up small messes like spilt drink or fallen food stuff... like to use it in the bathrooms and toilet floors just to touch up and lessen the germ circulation...
Good for small homes
I live in a small unit with not much storage so i was excited to find this fold up Detol mop with disposable heads. I found it worked well but the cloth kept coming off every few mins which was a bit annoying. It smelt nice like detol & it seemed to clean the floors well, but it can be a bit costly having to buy the disposable wipes though?
Such an easy product
I have been using these floor wipes for a while and I would say hands down the refreshing scent and the simplicity of this product is well worth the purchase. 1 the convenience 2 the refreshing scent 3 So simple once over and you are done. Everyone these days are so time poor and with the use of this item cuts your time down by more then half.
I've been using this for quite a while now. Convenient and works well. Thumbs up from me
I like the idea but after about 3 or 4 wipes with the mop the dettol wipe is dry, so it takes about 20 to do my floor.
Easy to use and quick. Does the job. It's always handy to have instead of having to bend down to wipe up mess
I am not a fan of these at all. Every time i hit a corner the wipe will come off. They would work better on a lino floor unfortunately i have tiles. They smell great so thats a plus.
love these wipes not only do they smell good but they clean the polished boards and tiles extremely well. They give me peace of mind that the floors have been eliminated from harbouring any germs
I bought one of these to try when they were on special at Woolworths, great to use as they are convenient. We have a large house so I still need to do a proper mop (with a mop and bucket) as I personally don't like to rely on this product to do a full floor clean, in saying that though I do go around the home especially the bathrooms and kitchen daily as a up keep clean.
Not as good as expected. Feel like it wastes alot of the wipe and you don't get your money's worth. Feel it is quite chemically also.
I have this system & I've found it to be conviently easy to assemble & use!!! It cleans unexpectedly well also,leaving a good shine & a fresh smell
Wonderful product ,great results,smells gorgeous, can always rely on Detol
Fantastic product that I love. Quick and easy to use and very effective.

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